[Release] EasyAdmin, It's as easy as it gets!



whoever thinks this isn’t easy is honestly not reading it right i got it installed and setup in under 1 minute!


Yeah well I got my one set up in 59.87 seconds.


I am unsure how to set this up. Could you make a step by step guide?


Read the fucking wiki


Doesn’t explain it enough


i eventually got it working set your pwrms for each group before added admins and try your ip/steamid/licence key as my issue was it didnt work with ip or licence key but woekd with staem id idk why but i got it working now


i have this error

citizen:/scripting/lua/natives_server.lua:273: in function ‘RegisterCommand’
admin_server.lua:184: in function <admin_server.lua:16>


you have an incomplete error then, please post the WHOLE error.


Reading is overrated these days anyway, above you can see an example of how not to act when you own a server and experience a warning message.


Pretty simple. Install NativeUI


Can you keep client scripts off or do they have to be enabled in order for the menu to work?

# add system admins
add_ace group.admin command allow # allow all commands
add_ace group.admin command.quit deny # but don't allow quit
add_principal identifier.steam:110000100101010 group.admin # add the admin to the group
add_principal identifier.STEAM_0:1:010101010

add_ace group.god easyadmin allow	                 # allow all commands for admins

add_ace group.god easyadmin.ban
add_ace group.god easyadmin.kick
add_ace group.god easyadmin.spectate
add_ace group.god easyadmin.unban 
add_ace group.god easyadmin.teleport
add_ace group.god easyadmin.manageserver
add_ace group.god easyadmin.slap
add_ace group.god easyadmin.freeze

Also Is this the correct way to add group permissions through the server.cfg? I was having trouble understanding the steps HERE, becuase it has been a while since i have worked on a server. And HERE is how my Server.cfg looks. i think i did everything right but im not positive.


So I have this

set ea_LanguageName "en"
set ea_MenuButton "318"
set ea_alwaysShowButtons "false"
set ea_moderationNotification "false"
set ea_custombanlist "false"

When I press F5 the menu doesn’t pop up, any suggestions? But kick works fine


Can someone make a YouTube video how to install this. I cant figure this out


client scripts are not used in EasyAdmin.

No, let me explain,

on the top, you set
add_ace group.god easyadmin allow
that means, the whole easyadmin category ( including kick, ban, etc ) is allowed for the “god” group.

If you want to add individual permissions instead, you do

add_ace group.god easyadmin.kick allow
add_ace group.god easyadmin.ban allow

Or say, if you dont want to allow banning, make sure you dont allow the whole easyadmin category, but do this:

add_ace group.god easyadmin.ban deny

With the identifier, your steam identifier needs to be hexed steamid64, so your
identifier will not work, ontop of that, even if it worked, you didnt add it to any group, see the command literally above yours.


Read the Wiki, it’s not that complicated.


IS there anything wrong with my lines in server.cfg?



set ea_LanguageName “en” # set our language to english
set ea_MenuButton “56” # set our menu button to F2. default: “289”
set ea_alwaysShowButtons “false” # we don’t want to see buttons we can’t even access, do we? default: “false”
set ea_moderationNotification “false” # this can be either “false” or a discord webhook address, this will send a discord message if an admin takes actions against a player ( such as banning and kicking )
set ea_custombanlist “false” # read docs for this, dont touch it
add_ace group.god easyadmin allow
add_ace group.moderator easyadmin.ban deny
add_ace group.moderator easyadmin.kick allow
add_ace group.moderator easyadmin.spectate deny
add_ace group.moderator easyadmin.unban deny
add_ace group.moderator easyadmin.teleport allow
add_ace group.moderator easyadmin.addadmin deny
add_ace group.moderator easyadmin.manageserver deny
add_ace group.moderator easyadmin.slap deny
add_ace group.moderator easyadmin.freeze allow
add_ace group.admin easyadmin.ban allow
add_ace group.admin easyadmin.kick allow
add_ace group.admin easyadmin.spectate deny
add_ace group.admin easyadmin.unban deny
add_ace group.admin easyadmin.teleport allow
add_ace group.admin easyadmin.addadmin deny
add_ace group.admin easyadmin.manageserver deny
add_ace group.admin easyadmin.slap deny
add_ace group.admin easyadmin.freeze allow


add_ace group.god command allow # allow all commands
add_ace group.god command.quit deny # but don’t allow quit
add_ace resource.essentialmode command.add_principal allow
add_principal identifier.ip: group.admin
add_principal identifier.steam_0:0:446509961


Hey on a server I am a staff member on when we go to unban someone from the menu, if we click on their name it will unban all or some of the players that are underneath the player we’re trying to unban but it doesn’t seem to unban the person who needs to be unbanned. What’s up with that?


this is incorrect, it needs to be a proper steamid, not whatever that is.

also, no group was put as a third argument, so even if the identifier was correct, it wouldnt work.


huh, that’s odd, are you using a DB plugin or the default banlist?