[Release] EasyAdmin, It's as easy as it gets!



Just drag and drop…?


Just re-download it and put your steam hex in the admin_server.cfg. No need to change things that don’t need to be changed?


OK ill rétro. But i am notre in admin file andere i could use thé menu…


Plz uze inglash Languge ples… tank yuo


how do I get my license, I figured out the steam ID and all of that. But where do I get the license, or is that even required for this to work?


Easiest way to find it in my opinion is by using this:

than connect back to the server, it will display ur licence and everyone else’s in a very easy and simplified way


please don’t use the admins.txt file and use this instead.


Do I just add that to my server config file?


or how do I use ACE exactly. I mean I don’t think it explains it very well.


ACE uses your server config file or commands to add / remove admins and set permissions

please also read 1 and 3 to completely understand how it works, all configuration is done via your server.cfg file.


I redownloaded this easyadmin, but i can still open menu while not in admin.txt…
I am on a linux server, framework esx and i am superadmin on essentialmode (on localhost)


You probably messed something up in the server.cfg file setting up ACEs


where can I find the ACES file


Hey Im using ethernet and the IP I get is not a traditional looking one (xxx.xxx.x.x) Would it still work if I used it as identifier?


you shouldn’t use IPs at at, i recommend you use steamids or licenses instead.


I only get up Settings & Kick for some reason…


I have the same issues also with it only showing me the kick option and settings and i have given admins full perms


did u set up admin in the config file? or thru the admin.txt?



Steam id shown is my one and the blurred ones are my other admins


are you using any third party scripts that may use ACE Permissions? if not i will check it out.