[Release] Dynamic Timer and climate



Im launching my first resource for free, i used this resource on my server: Brasil Play Acton, its a simple one, he just adds up a realife timer to the server and sync it will all players based on the timezone you select.

It also comes wit a dynamic climate change, you can configure the timer of the change on jns_server.lua, the default its: 120 minutes (2hrs) to change the climate of the server.




How to get the top in the text

ummm…Pretty cool…


Seems cool, however, I can’t understand exactly how to change the time in script.js file?


change moment.locale(“pt-BR”); to the location of our server. Ex: moment.locale(“en-US”);

See more there: https://momentjs.com/docs/


You planning on making commands to change the weather?


This is cool I wish there was a script where you do like /time (player Id) and it shows how long he has been playing on the server for exemple Fasy played on (server name) for 248 hours


There is, right here.


No, i don’'t, this is already a Vsync feature.


is there a way to just keep this without the weather thing :slight_smile:



Comment this line:

while true do
TriggerClientEvent(‘JNS:updateWeather’, -1, CurrentWeather)


How do i change the name to my server in the files?