[Release][Dunko vRP V6.7 - FX Server] UPDATED 18/04/2018 - Supports 15 languages - Zap Hosting 10% DISCOUNT!


We have come to realize that the latest FiveM update is causing the chat resource to function incorrectly. What we recommend is that you go and download an older version of the FiveM server files here (https://runtime.fivem.net/artifacts/fivem/build_server_windows/master/790-3909d11205eb157fb35625f312f1b7779352d70a/) this link is for Windows Servers and install it into your server.

Senior Management, Dunko’s vRP


Removed Discord links as they are no longer allowed in a release


Can i change / Add new jobs? If yes. How?


how do i make it so i don’t have hunger or water @Dunko using zaphosting (Fixed)


Have a look in the groups.lua


Where do I find the line of hands up? Thanks friend


Have a look in CustomScripts


Hey Dunko,
when iam connecting to the server i just can create and ID but no Character…


Hello , i have a problem, when after i install everything i start the sv and the prompt of the server go to vrp_hotkeys and shutdown instantly after that ?


Hello, so basically people on my vrp server are complaining about buying or selling a car buy mistake, sometimes the phone glitches. is there any way to edit basic_garage.lua and asking the person who is willing to buy/sell a car to confirm the the request by pressing f5 to confirm or f6 to decline.


I dont understand what you are asking?


Can you provide any screenshots of the errors?


Hi. I Have install this all. But i have one problem. When i will Connect to the server it come:

connection/command path vRP/get_srvdata not found
connection/command path vRP/set_srvdata not found

The MySQL and Apache Server is online. I use XAMPP 3.2.2

Can one from you help me pls?


Look at your database connection (vrp\cfg\base.lua) and ensure that the information is correct!


Can u give me the Admin commands please?


How does one change the name of the “Skinshops” to something like “Clothing Store”?

Also, is there a way to show the number of the clothes/colors as they are selecting so that they know what number they are on and can share outfit numbers with their friends?


How can I make it where Police Officers only choose Police or Civilian when they go into their “clock-in” circle but still receive the correct paycheck for whatever rank they are?

I have found the way to eliminate the options for each rank in the menu, however I can’t seem to figure out how I can have all officers choose the same “clock-in” option, but configure their ranks/paychecks on the back end somewhere? I don’t mind them all sharing the same cloakroom and armory options, but the paychecks should differ based on rank


Can i give someone Admin per Console?


You can give admin via the database and ingame only.

  1. Have a look in cloakrooms.lua (vrp\cfg)

  2. You could code that in, but i doubt it.

  3. You would have to give each job its own paycheck permission. (vrp\cfg\groups.lua) and (vrp\modules\paycheck.lua)