[Release][Dunko vRP V6.7 - FX Server] UPDATED 18/04/2018 - Supports 15 languages - Zap Hosting 10% DISCOUNT!


yeah a other guy was say that too i have switched to ESX :stuck_out_tongue:



We just installed Dunko vRP pack and facing some issues.

I am superadmin but can’t open F1 menu…
How can we add the policejob to someone? <- and all other whitelisted jobs?
When i whitelist myself in database, i am still not able to do whitelisted jobs or F2 menu.

Any idea?



If you read the full original post it tells you everything to the questions you just asked.

The menu key is “K” to open it up.

To add police job to someone press “K” go to “Admin” then “Add Group” then type their DATABASE ID and then the group “cop”


Thank you! I am helped


Is there any working doorlock system for vRP? I found some for ESX, bot none working for vRP. Except the bugged ‘celldoor’ resource: https://github.com/MissBehavin/celldoors


Can someone guide me how can I allow more than one cars to come out of garage? and how do I own a car dealership and start selling cars to friends?
Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


You’d have to change the code for the garage system and re-write it to use multiple v-types.

You can sell your car to players via the K > Vehicle menu - you can mimic a car dealer with this.


thats cool, i dont know coding, can anyone share a file or something? appreciated! :slight_smile:


This apparently has never worked for me, even on 3 fresh installs of vRP with no extra additional resources installed.

When you Sell Vehicle to player, once they accept paying for it the vehicle will disappear.
After this NONE of the garages work, you can’t buy a vehicle, bring out a owned vehicle or sell a vehicle via garages.
This always requires a server restart to fix it & then the vehicle we sold to the player is back in my garage and not the person its been sold too.

I seen there was a update pushed to the basic_garage.lua but this did not fix the issue.


can the street names be dis applied from above the mini map and it over laps the fuel mod i have in ive looked but i cant see it


How are you planning on making a unique server if you’re not willing to learn?

Are you on my Discord? Tag or PM DGVani as it’s his, if there is an issue he’ll fix it mate.

You can mess with its placement in CustomScripts/gameui mate


say i was to delete that file would the effect the server or as most of that listed i int bothered about


Do we have a working link for the discord?


Got my own RP server set up and it works like a champ. Great job Dunko! Much appreciated for the content. I’m thinking of removing the ability for player to buy vehicles via the system and replace it with real car dealership.


@ryanthelion can you like replace the current system with a car dealership? like we could own that dealership and deal in vehicles new and used? that would be great!


Love the work you have done. I was wondering if EMS is the same as Fire Fighter? If not is that something that you could possibly add?


Odd. The one should be working. If not, here is one: https://discord.gg/CyJEVaT


You can make a firefighter job within the groups.lua, and then just set it so everything is ems. You can go indepth by making them have their own service calls and stuff like that. Mess around and see what you come up with.


Where can I put ELS Cars? I don’t know where to add those.


When I press letter T to chat, it freezes and I can’t move. Any solution?