[Release][Dunko vRP V6.7 - FX Server] UPDATED 18/04/2018 - Supports 15 languages - Zap Hosting 10% DISCOUNT!


Then you have probably broken the garages.lua. double check your } and ,


I do not see a garages.lua file and I have not gotten into a file with that name. I have reinstalled it and still getting the same error.


it is in vrp\cfg\garages.lua


Thanks @spikytarr for replying in my absence.

Sorry for the late reply.


an example, line 146

if IsControlJustPressed(table.unpack(cfg.controls.phone.up)) then SendNUIMessage({act="event",event="UP"}) end

Change to

if IsControlJustPressed(table.unpack(cfg.controls.phone.up)) and GetLastInputMethod(0) then SendNUIMessage({act="event",event="UP"}) end


I’ve also updated the affiliation banner in the main post as the link was incorrect.

The correct link is https://zap-hosting.com/dunkovrp

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No Worries @Dunko

Always happy to help!


No worries mate I heard about your new job etc so I didn’t mind waiting!

Thanks for the reply and hope the jobs going well!


I’ve found an issue. I run EUP on my server. “Body Armor / Accessory 2” is common in EUP for being walkie talkies, traffic vest, and body armor. Whenever selected in the EUP menu, it will appear for a short moment then disappear. I’ve found that in order to keep the vest or walkie equipped, you need to give your self max armor.


The garges.lua is the default .lua file I have not messed with it at all. I double checked the , and } they all appear to be in the right place.

Also checked the console the following error is what im getting>>>>
Error parsing script data/vehicle_names.lua in resource hwycars: data/vehicle_names.lua:2: expected near ‘end’
Failed to load script data/vehicle_names.lua.

Additional error
Error parsing script modules/basic_garage.lua in resource vrp: modules/basic_garage.lua:405: unexpected symbol near ‘)’
Failed to load script modules/basic_garage.lua.


Happy FIveM anniversary.

Since that isn’t a resource of mine, I have no control over it, you’ll have to make your own fixes mate.

There is an issue with it, you’ve probably opened it up and pressed a key somewhere in by mistake and saved it, I’ve done it many of times, easiest way, copy over the original, test and start over. Ball ache I know, but these things happen.


Thank you!

I think it has something to do with vRP, honestly. Because this never happened until after I installed vRP. If the player doesn’t have armor, the Body Armor / Accessory won’t stay on.


What did i wrong?
There are actual 2 or 3 errors and i dont know from what?
so lets take a screenshot and reply for help?


It is an error with your database. Either it is a connection issue or you haven’t set it up correctly.


Hey there zoekter here and tonigth/day is my issue a es_admin2 whitout working commands?

    1. Whiy does the commands not working??


Idk what i again did wrong before in a another server he works cleanly so idk what do i use and run?

Im still running the server on me PC [FXServer] with dunko_vrp. resource etc…
So now i was think lets install es_admin2 [its a fine menu for the server admin]

oke he works is booting up and show if i press home
But the commands yeah idk she will not work how can i fix this issue?


Ok I have done a fresh install off of zap hosting and i am still getting this error>>
Error parsing script data/vehicle_names.lua in resource hwycars: data/vehicle_names.lua:2: expected near ‘end’
Failed to load script data/vehicle_names.lua.


i got a Problem here. The thing is i run the server in theorigenel version and i get this error.

rejected: identification error

can someone help me with this. Maybe there is is fix in this Post but to be honest. I can´t look true 1600 posts

sorry for bad english.


es_admin is for ESX. This is for vRP, not ESX!


Is your database connected correctly?
Is your database information correct in your base.lua and server.cfg?


yeah a other guy was say that too i have switched to ESX :stuck_out_tongue:



We just installed Dunko vRP pack and facing some issues.

I am superadmin but can’t open F1 menu…
How can we add the policejob to someone? <- and all other whitelisted jobs?
When i whitelist myself in database, i am still not able to do whitelisted jobs or F2 menu.

Any idea?