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Not quite sure what you mean but try vrp/cfg/item_transofmers


Hi. Why does player 1, who entered his own house with the Cheap_Home_2 slot, see player 2, who is also in his own house? (enters in different places of the map)

How to fix it? Maybe we can put players in a different sessions?


sorry oer adimn can’t use instruction
can you help me?


Hello brother, how can I create a hotkey for the inventory? and another for services?


It may be a conflict with the names, try changing one to not being cheap home as it seems this way they are duplicate buying the same house as by default players are in their own session of a house so long as its a different house slot.

See the Faqs in the main post for how to work the menu.

You can see what I’ve done so far in vrp/modules/police.lua regarding hot keys and see how they are opened in vrp/hotkeya/hotkeys.lua - though they are currently a work in progress.


How can I edit this? so that it does not look long distance or eliminate it?

  1. How can I add a flashlight to the gun in the gunshop police?
  2. I want to install one interior to several houses. How can I do this, but so that the players would not see or hear each other?


Can you help me with this little error ?