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modules/paycheck.lua - you really need to look around mate lol


Hello dunko how could I add to the group / fix and / dv ??


Hey Dunko where do I change the number of cars that can be out at once? Its 1 at default and I would like it to be 2.


Look in the resources and code in the group you’d like.

You’d have to re-code the entire garage system mate.


Damn really? i cant just go in and change the value?


It’s not a single value, it’s how the vtype’s are made up. Which is why you’d have to re-code it.


@Dunko where could this change, brother?




friend i have a problem with the voice chat is listening type 7.1 how can i modify the voice chat?


Dunko can you help me by vrp/client/base.lua




Who is the Server.lua?


No idea what that means mate, the voice chat is in CustomScripts - though it’s client side options in game you want if you’re talking about Dolby Surround 7.1

I don’t understand the question mate


Hello brother, how is the name of the YMAP of the reappearance point? and where can I change the position of this point?


from were i can bring like this?


How do I remove some interiors?


Resource vkinteriors

Donate to the FiveM patreon, search the forums to find it mate.

Resource vkinteriors


which of all the interiors is this place


How can I add a new job ?


How and where change speed of sale of goods after harvest what either goods?



Not quite sure what you mean but try vrp/cfg/item_transofmers


Hi. Why does player 1, who entered his own house with the Cheap_Home_2 slot, see player 2, who is also in his own house? (enters in different places of the map)

How to fix it? Maybe we can put players in a different sessions?