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I mean the player carry weight :slight_smile:
btw @SkyGuiliano is asking where he can change the job type of font (below user’s money)


Hey Dunko

Some issues im having is When I go into PD and I go get in uniform it puts me in the IAA security uniform. I need it to put me in hwaycop and I also need to add Ranger Female in as well. Can you help please?


Eso es de la fuente amigo, necesitas intalar “poner” la fuente en la carpeta y cambiar el tipo de fuente, pero te recomiendo un plugin de que te aparece una imagen y el job debajo.


Can anyone help my with that issue?


This is a Message when you leave on a server


Where can I edit the clothes they sell in the store?

  1. You can use the code in the strengthening function to do an ‘on spawn’ feature so they have what ever weight you want them to have as default.
  2. Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

@SkyGuiliano - vrp_job_display - mess with the GUI

vrp/cfg/cloakrooms.lua - mess around in there mate, if you want specific stuff, stream a uniform you like (YouTube) and add it in that lua



I have been messing around with it for a while. I can’t seem to get it to work with the uniform I need. I had it working before but the cfg file got messed up and I wasn’t able to fix it and didnt make a backup. It’s a line of code I’m missing but I have forgotten the line of code needed.


Then use Diff Checker with your version and the original to find out what’s missing/wrong.


Where can I change my driver’s license?


As in the name? cfg/items.lua

Or the location? cfg/item_transformers.lua


How do I change the photo maze bank of the salary?


Thanks friend


UPDATE: I found vest bug. If you have vRP and the PTTPoliceRadio you need to get rid of PTTPoliceRadio.


How can i put god mode in the admin menu, i been trying some scripting to to Admin.lua in this folder C:\Users\DephoZ/g50972/gta5-fivem/server-data/resources/vrp/modules but it dosent work when i put in my script


— “admin.godmode”
Add to group in groups


can ypu be more specific :-S


Go to vrp/cfg/groups. Lua/ and paßt by superadmin or admin “admin.godmode”,


what program do you use im using sublime text 3


You can open the Text whit notepad++