[Release][Dunko vRP V6.7 - FX Server] UPDATED 18/04/2018 - Supports 15 languages - Zap Hosting 10% DISCOUNT!


How do you stop that script? it’s taking way too long


in the server.cfg just remove start vrp_loadfreeze


Hi i have the problem , i try to translate server in LATVIAN . But server dont show the ĒēŪūĪīĀāŠšĢģĶķĻļŽžČčŅņ


Dunko, when people type / ooc in the chat the name appears, I wanted it to appear anonymous, how? type I want to not appear the name of the player, same in this image below, where written in gray the player speaks in the chat but does not appear his name, how to do or change some command line?


dunko, can you update lscustoms to last version please ? , it allow to save cars customizations
I tried, but there are too many differences.



Is there any way to create blips only show if certain job/permission?