[Release] Drift Counter



it’s motorsport, i swear!

Welcome to yet another minor release of mine, this time, the car guys under you will have something to fanboy about for a few hours, because i ““converted”” the drift counter from MTA to FiveM, and while i was doing that, improved it a bit, too.

Basic Information:

car go sideways
player get points

Advanced Information:

You can also give the player money for drifting, which will be handled in the driftcounter_s.lua

in the first few lines you can enable/disable payout, along with change if you want to use the ( native ) V Money System ( used by virtually noone yet ) or use EssentialmemeMode to give your player money, this function is disabled by default ( as people will probably get confused as to why there are 2 money displays all of a sudden ).

Anyway, it’s quite unfinished and total scores dont exist ( yet ), you can write functions to add such tho, as the variable for the player score already exists.

Happy being-Sideways!



(Nice job :D)


Sexy! Very useful for drift servers :stuck_out_tongue:


thanks, very good idea


Biiig Thanks ! awesome drop


Error loading script driftcounter_s.lua in resource FiveM-DriftCounter-master: driftcounter_s.lua:38: attempt to concatenate a nil value (global ‘updatePath’)
stack traceback:
driftcounter_s.lua:38: in function 'checkVersionHTTPRequest’
driftcounter_s.lua:40: in main chunk
Failed to load script driftcounter_s.lua.
Started resource FiveM-DriftCounter-master


just committed a fix for that, redownload the new driftcounter_s.lua!


Thank you
problem solved