[Release] [DOWNLOAD] State Patrol Mini-Pack



Hello everyone! I have this mini-state patrol pack for my server and I thought I would release it. The skins are based off Colorado State Patrol and are made by me. The pack consists of 4 vehicles; 2011 Crown Victoria (statep), 2012 Doge Charger (statep2), 2012 Chevy Silverado (statep3) and the fourth and final 2016 Doge Charger Hellcat (statep4).


  1. Download resource here
  2. Place “dcrp_state” into your server resources
  3. Add “start dcrp_state” to your “server.cfg”
  4. Delete all cache and restart your server

Use this to make you use this to make lights look sexy if you don’t have it already!



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Most of the downloads are on an external website like github and mediafire.com.


Do you have permission from HighSpeed-Designs to release their cars on this website? Also Please read the TOUAD on this for the car.


Sorry I’ll reupload the .ytd files


can you give download.


The Download link doe not show


Can u send me the link


Where is the download link?


I grew up here. Props to you fam. Thank you


when i put it in my server the vehicles.meta doesnt work


That’s weird, did you add anything to it? Works fine on my server


i did then i just put it in stock and still didnt work


Is it possible to get the template to reskin it to a danish police car? I’ll give credit for the car itself :slight_smile: