[Release] DOJ Like Fix vehicle command



What it does:

Similar DOJ fix vehicle command /fix

I seen someone requesting this so I thought I would put this together


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Update 2.2

Added vehicle freeze function when using /fix.

Update 2.1

Improved the vehicle fix notifications.

Before and after fix notifications.

Update 2.0

Added 15 second delay timer for realistic role-play.

Notification informing you to wait 15 seconds for your vehicle to be fixed.

Update v1.1

This update changes it to a whole client side process

Update v1.0

Basic fix vehicle command


Video Showcase

/fix script like DOJ
How to remove cmd /fixthiscar

You could shrink this to a simple client side command by using registercommand


I’ll have a look into that now

RegisterCommand("fix", function()
    local ped = PlayerPedId()
    if (DoesEntityExist(ped) and not IsEntityDead(ped)) then
        if (IsPedSittingInAnyVehicle(ped)) then
            local vehicle = GetVehiclePedIsIn( ped, false)

            if (GetPedInVehicleSeat(vehicle, -1) == ped) then
                SetVehicleEngineHealth(vehicle, 1000)
                SetVehicleEngineOn(vehicle, true, true)
end, false)


I’ll update it now cheers.


It shows that its started but /fix in game does not work


hmm. try redownloading it, it works perfectly for me.


Nope, I cant get it to work on the Server, it shows that its started but /fix does not work


You using custom-chat?


I’ve updated it, try it now.


Still wont work, is this for Client or Server?


Okay if it doesn’t work for you now, it is on your side. It is client sided.


Ohhh, I said I couldnt get it to work on the Server, could you make it Server Sided?


Sorry I didn’t understand your question all fivem lua scripts are server sided, it just uses client sided events and natives in the code. it will work on your server.


Where did you put the folder?


You just follow the instructions, you put the vehicle-fix folder into your resources and add start vehicle-fix to your server.cfg


I am just confused, where he put the resource folder


not a clue lol, it works for me and my friend who tested it.


as you can see its added and its started but it does not work https://gyazo.com/6f1981640a017bf0a6d2912defc3a33e


Do you have essentialmode installed?