[Release] DMV School - Drivers license



Hey i am new at this script and i don t know why i get this error:https://gyazo.com/e4c0236dff1209e055d5c10ee41b35d8. I tried to replace essentialsmode with vrp but isn t working. And after i want to put to police a button “Check license” but i don t know how to do it! Please help me!



trying to change it to mph, do i just set

local speed = kmh

to mph?

local kmh = 3.6
local VehSpeed = 0


local mph = 1
local VehSpeed = 0


I do not install it I need help


when i start my server i get this error can someone help me
Error loading script server.lua in resource esx_dmvschool: server.lua:3: attempt to call a nil value


would it be possible so the person that passed has a licence that the police can see so they receive points for speeding etc and once you have 12 points (uk) you have to re-sit


you find the solution? could you tell me?


Is this for vrp too?



How i can ad it: that when i am finished with the praxis test that i “becomme” my driver card in my inventory? I use vrp…

Sorry for bad English



How can I add this under the “Identity” menu (vRP framework) near their registration and such? I’ve seen other servers have a line that says “Driver’s License: 1” or “Driver’s License: 0”

How can I do this?


I tried to change the DMV’s questions to another languange but then the questions are gone… What’s the problem?