[Release] DispatchSystem v2.2



Is there any way to change the /leo command to something else? It conflicts with Fiskey’s LEO Menu. Thanks!


Download the code, compile it to your liking. Done.


can u help me install this i have tried several times and has not worked?


Join the discord for any help please.


Is there anyway to get back the old system… instead of having the menu we just do /2729 or /28 and /ticket [person]


No, UI is much faster and more efficient. Pretty soon I won’t be able to have them as commands because they will be based around the UI.


i love the ui can’t wait for version 2.1 to be out : )


v2.1 Changelog

  • Added dumping system using /dsdmp
  • Added new program to decompile dump file
  • Database upgrades from old filename
  • Updated version of CloNET
  • Added new view to the Civilian Menu & LEO Menu
  • Fixed a couple of bugs regarding the NUI
  • Resources can now have a name that’s changeable
  • Addressed issue on uppercase resource names
  • Updated docs

(also, v2.1 is here)


how to change the /dsleo and /dsciv to /leo and /civ??


You could download the source, change the code, and re-compile it.


which file?
(twenty characters)


Commands.cs (20 chars)


v2.1.1 Update

  • Only fixes bugs, bugs that it fixes:
    • Hopefully fixed NULL GUID bug
    • Fixed some database bugs
    • Fixed a bug with the terminal failing to detect invalid permissions
    • Maybe fixed some other bugs

(v2.1.1 is a test update to really see if it fixes some common bugs)


whats the file in source code to change the chat commands?


How do you re-compile it after you changed and saved it?


no Idea But How Do You Enable So People Can Use The Dispatch Terminal


Everyone asking for support, please ask on the DispatchSystem discord, I am not as active here!


Still waiting for that BAC menu! :grin:


Hello could you do so we can actually assign officers to an assignment and it makes a sound so that the officer that gets assigned knows? NVM this is almost already added except for the sounds.


can some one help i have team viwer pls pm me