[Release] DispatchSystem v2.2



how did you get your to work, because i have the same issue of the UI not appearing


Make sure not to change the resource name from dispatchsystem


in the future will there be a way for say 1 person to have a few civ characters. and an officer character as well. instend of always having to delete the first one to make the next?


Disregard my message. I accidentally downloaded the source code. LOL!


If I wanted to change the command to open the menu from /leo to /mdt or a function key, Where would I find that? @BlockBa5her

I’m using Fiskey’s new LEO/CIV mod and the panels conflict now.


Not sure if this is an isolated issue, but after the addon has been loaded for a while, the civilian creation just stops working, even after clear profiles. Ex. Create Civillian, the Click View profile, and it says Civillian Not Found.


@jellyton69 Hmmm, maybe C# garbage man? IDK, I’ve been getting this problem for a while but I don’t really know how to stop it. I’ve been doing research into it but it doesn’t seem like it’s coming back to anything, because I’ve personally not experienced this bug. Track the issue on github: here.

@Mikofiticus If you have visual studio, you could download the source, and change the literal texts at Commands.cs. There is where all of the commands are stored and used at.


Oh shoot, sorry I should have look at Github before asking. Anyways, really fantastic work you’ve done here, I hope you can figure out the issue soon. :slight_smile:


np, ill try to keep updated when I find and fix the bug (hopefully soon)


Disregard, I’m getting help in your Discord! :smiley:


does anyone know how to fix it? the menu doesnt wanna work or close


the new version has the same problem as previous versions, stops working after a certain amount of civs have registered but since i updated it, it seems to crash my server and throw up random errors occasionally


How do you assign units to calls? I can create a call but cant assign or use the in-car cad to assign? Am I missing commands? Everything works otherwise…


@Diamond_Dirt Yeah, there’s a problem with the compression of bytes for now. This causes the server to crash occasionally. This will be fixed in v2.1 hopefully and released ASAP!

@SmokeyCop32 In the Officers menu, double click their name (or right click and press View), and then there is an assignments box below their information. Right click that, and it gives the options.

@Billy_Wrap_Around_Re IDK how to fix your issue. Maybe join the discord?


Is it possible to change the menu command? /leo is already in use on my server with the FiskeyMods police system. I’d like to change it to /mdt or /cad. Is that unchangeable and set inside the dll files?

If it’s set inside the dll files, is there a possibility of you creating a setting in the settings.ini for changing the chat command?

This looks really good, by the way!


@BlockBa5her thanks for the quick reply any chance you could post the old version on here or the website because stupid me overwrote the old version and forgot to keep a copy


@BlockBa5her the Civ menu and police menu does not wanna work in game like it works but you cant close or click on anything


I had that problem aswell, Stop your server completely and then replace it, that might be your problem


okay thank you so much


@Diamond_Dirt All of the last released available here

@Billy_Wrap_Around_Re Did you change the resource name by chance? That might be the cause of the NUI not working. If you did, goto the nui.js file, goto the line 53, and change the dispatchsystem to whatever you renamed your resource to.

@Nathro Look above too, that might be the fix for you.