[Release] DispatchSystem v2.2



Not at all, it’s totally optional for the client, I just have it for Dispatchers so that they can access the database too. All of the in-game commands should work just fine :slight_smile:


I don’t want to sound like a pest, but any updates on your progress? I’d love to know what you’re working on. We love the mod so far!


I’m actually pondering about releasing the update soon or adding more features… It’s going to be a big update with really nice upgrades in terms of speed, reliance, and features. There is also going to be an in-game UI to put the cherry on top. I know it has been a while but that means there is going to be a lot of features :wink:.


I’m having a hard time getting this running. Once I load everything up and join the game, an error saying “couldn’t load resource dispatchsystem-1.1” pops up and I have no idea how to fix this :confused:


Try clearing your server caches, restarting a couple of times, and checking the dispatchsystem.log. If the issue persists then join the discord server and I can help you there,


is there a way to set it that when inside of a police vehicle you can do just the police commands (e.i. /28, /2729, /BOLO)? i have it set up and everyone can do the commands

Create A Basic UI

No, sadly. I would have to make a client side script to check for those things, they would have to pass through the INTERWEBZ, over a period of about a second or so, and that would delay the command a lot.


How do I install the version 1.1?


@BlockBa5her Is there any way you could add in (BAC) Blood Alcohol Content to this? Just something real simple so the civ could add there own bac and then the police could check it and see the results.


Mmm. Good idea. Thank for the suggestion.


Not to swamp you with other suggestions, but it would be cool be able to register a vehicle to another player, either one we create that doesn’t exist yet, a player who is active and has that alias in game or a random pre-named one.


I’m thinking of a way to set your vehicle to a random Random R/O.


check whether it’s compatible or try setting to different compatibility settings (even tho should work already)


The CAD Update



Have you ever wanted to have a CAD for DispatchSystem? Maybe assignments for officers? Maybe even some cool ass ways to have 911 calls between Civilians in-game and you, the Dispatcher? Well, this update is for you then.


Welcome to the CAD Update. A VERY brief summary of this update is: Assignments, Officers, LEO, in-game UI, 911 calls, faster connections, databases (NOT MYSQL OR COUCHDB), and better logging. This update contains so many features that this is going to be a long list…

v2.0 Update (The CAD Update)

  • Fixed ALOT of bugs
  • Databases with compression for data storage
  • Officer profiles
  • Statuses for officers
  • Officer Assignment Use
  • Moved the net stuff over to CloNET
  • Ingame UI for LEOs and CIVs
  • Net data more compressed for faster connections
  • 911 system for Civilians and Dispatchers
  • Corruption FIXED (maybe)


Holy sh*t :smiley: I will try it out as soon as possible!


New update is awesome


I cant figure out how to put this on my server?!


There is a readme. Read it


Does it work for fx server


I justed replaced it with the old one, and the commands /leo and /civ are working but I cant click anything, the exit button isnt working and so on… so as soon as I type /civ or /leo I cant do anything because the menu wont close itself.

Edit: Nvm I am just too stupid :smiley: I had to stop the server completely to replace the files