[Release] DispatchSystem v2.2



Nope, it doesn’t use a database


If a civilian doesnt setup his character but gives you a name does it come back with something random or nothing at all?


It says that the name doesn’t exist.


Please make it so it saves character names so I can implement a one life policy for my server


Coming in 2.0, already in development and testing right now :slight_smile:


Hello blockba5sher just a little bug i would need help with in my server i use the v1.0 CAD dispatch system it works perfectly with names and plates being able to be set multiple times and the external CAD System working fine aswell.We recently tried implemeting into a bigger server using v1.1 first bug we noticed was u cant set anymore than one character even when we relog it wont let u create another character?and the licence plate is only able to be set 1 time?second bug was external CAD doesnt work?The only way to reset PLATES and character creation is to delete resource cache and reboot server seems to be able to let people create IDS and VEHPLATES


ok cool we downgraded the v1.1 to v1.0 now we can register names when we start a newgame can register plates now the problem is we cant run plates with/28 plate.this is only a problem on this server as i said i run it on my own private server and it works perfectly i think i will server meeting the admins and look at their resources


Do you know how this might work, or if it will at all, if our server is hosted through a third party?


I am hosted and it seems to work 100%.

@BlockBa5her , Do you intend to add more enhancements to the dispatch side? I would love to have quick and easy 10 code access as well as (possibly) a way to assign units to scenes.

Would be even better if it worked for EMS and Fire. Would also be good for police to have the ability to sign in to let Dispatch know what the officer’s call signs are.

Otherwise… this is a fantastic and very nicely integrated solution. I cannot wait to see this grow!


Coming v2.0!

damn char limit.


Should work with third parties!


Indeed! It works great. I can’t wait for updates! Everything in the “in the works” sounds great.


@BlockBa5her . you are awesome! I’ll be honest, I was only going to use this short term but with your attitude and willingness to add awesome features, you sold me.

Thank you so much for your awesome work with this. As I mentioned before, it is so awesome to have such a tight integration to fivem. Keep up the good work! You have a fan. :slight_smile:


@BlockBa5her I do have one request since using this system. It would be amazing if when you view civilian vehicle, if it told you the make/model of the vehicle. Right now, it just tells you the owner, registration status, insurance status and if the vehicle stolen or not. It would be great if we could put what that vehicle is.


I second this request. :wink:

Just a quick edit to suggest possibly an interesting way for it to be implemented if its possible.

Is it possible for a civ to do /newveh only while in a veh and it auto populate that info?


Also, notes have a finite character limit I guess, it would be nice to have a note be as long as it can be, or to be able to click it and open up a new window. Some of our characters on our server have multiple run-ins with cops, so it’s nice to give some history with them.


Honestly, IDK how to change that, it isn’t me making the theme of the forum, and so the guy puts a character limit of how much characters it has. I’ve noticed to too. I could make a seperate window that shows up if you like double click it or something to show the full text. Maybe coming v2.0?

It would be a little hard but totally possible. :slight_smile:


That works! Just makes the job of the dispatcher a little easier so they can see all the bolos if they aren’t in game. So far, this is great!


A good alternative for this is OpenCAD since he said hes not going to support MySQL


Do i need client for the script to work, because im running my server on linux and i just want to use ingame commands.