[Release] Disable seat shuffling




Found and polished a lil script with help from vesupura.
But people wanted it to be made into a resource.


As of the current latest version, the player will stay seated in the passenger seat. If you type /shuff, the player will shuffle into the driver seat.


  • 1.0.1
    By default, players will stay seated in the passenger seat. If you type /shuff they shuffle into the driver seat.
  • 1.0.0
    First version. By default the player will shuffle into driver seat, /shuffle enables and disables the script.


  • Sometimes the person will not shut the door when entering vehicle
  • Sometimes the player starts teleporting to the animation of switching seat then teleports back into passenger seat
  • Sometimes the door opens then closes while driving but very rare


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Sweet script wad just thinking of the time when you need guns but your passenger doesn’t. Nice to have them remain in the car :slight_smile: Nice work. Download seems to be broken. Says file damaged or wrong format.


i swapped it round so it’s force true was gonna ask you to change it but then i realised i could just change it myself, but thanks for the script been looking for a antishuffle for a while


is there a way we can make it so it enables automatically upon joining the server?


change the bool from false to true?


thank you for your help!


What do you mean by this?




local antiShuffleEnabled = false


local antiShuffleEnabled = true


Okay, I tried with the download version but it wouldnt work. so I pasted the client.lua you provided in this post


What wouldn’t work? By default the script is disabled until you type /shuffle
that line i provided u is to make it enabled by default


can you fix it so it does not teleport you back it just keeps in the seat


It’s just a bug, happens sometimes.


Wait. What does that mean?


why not use: https://runtime.fivem.net/doc/reference.html#_0x30785D90C956BF35



That function is broken. At least it didn’t work when i tried it.


That native just return if it is possible to shuffle seats in the given vehicle.


@callmejaf The /shuff command in version 1.0.1 doesn’t shuffle me into the driver seat. It does nothing, but when I try to fix it, it breaks the whole script.


I can assure you it works. I use it on my server now.


@callmejaf Does the command require essential mode to be able to work?