[Release] Disable Player Blips & Overhead Names



Update 17-12-2018

I will no longer be maintaining/supporting this resource. The GitHub repo has been archived. Fork it if you want to update it yourself.

What does it do?

Well, it’s simple, it removes all player blips, even if you have scripthook enabled on your server (v2.2 Also hides player overhead names).

All player blips?

Well I’ve tested it with Lambda Menu so far, if there’s another ScriptHook mod that still shows player blips even though you have this resource installed, let me know and I’ll try to fix it.


This resource has been requested a shit ton, but nobody ever made one that works (a.f.a.i.k).


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Latest version: v2.3


Need help configuring this resource? Checkout the wiki for a detailed guide on how to install and configure this resource. If you still can’t figure it out, scroll down on this post and join my discord. Please look at the wiki first though!

Update v2.3

Overhead Player Names are now proximity based (5m by default). You can configure this to whatever distance (in meters) you want. Set it to -1 to disable it completely (player names will then be hidden at all times).

Update v2.2

Added option to hide player names above player heads and vehicles.
Check the changelog here for more details

Update v2.1

This update adds an option to disable PLD created player blips.
Please read this before using v2.1, it’s important info.

Update v2.0

Info about the new features is available here.
If you need help configuring the new features, checkout the wiki page.

v2.0+ features

  • “God” players can always see the blips.
  • Set display type for regular players and god players separately.
  • Set a minimum player count to only hide the blips if there’s at least x players online.


Found one? Report it below.

  • Player heading cones are still being displayed (Fixed in v1.1)
  • Blips created by PLD (player location display) still show up, currently trying to find a fix for this issue. (Fixed in v2.1)

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The script is great! Although, the cones are still apparent, this is from the Lambda Menu.


I must have removed that part of the code on accident when cleaning up from testing, as I did remove them before. Will add it in the next release (v1.1).

EDIT: New version is released, check the download link for the updated version.


Nice :slight_smile:


Updated installation instructions to add optional instructions in case you want the blips to be removed ONLY from the minimap/radar but keep them on the pause menu map.
(change line 8 in the client.lua file to this: SetBlipDisplay(entityblip, 3))


Omg yes. Thank you so much for this feature, I was just about to ask if you were planning on making this possible.


You sir, are a legend. Thank you so much for this!


Hey, this is totally not required for the script, although I think it could be cool - adding a whitelist, so that certain people, (Ex. Admins, and Owners) can see player blips, and/or add a function where at a certain amount of online players, the blips turn off, and when the amount of players falls below the chosen amount, the blips reappear.


this should do the work: NoPlayerBlips-1.1 - edited by IceHax.rar (1.1 KB) @jellyton69

(i did not test it, i was in a rush lol, let me know if it works :wink: )


There’s a few things why this won’t work.

  1. The whitelisted players are only tested if they (re)spawn, thus if the resource is restarted, people already on the server will have to die before it works.
  2. You’re not resetting the blip display type if the blips should be shown (the blips will stay hidden even after the loop isn’t being executed anymore).

I’ll try to make an updated version for this later, getting an update out for the serverlist app first though.


You are a legend!!! Awesome!!!


:mascot::heart_eyes::boom: LUV U LONG TIME :green_heart::purple_heart:


yeah lol, you’re right. I was working also on fixing something on my server when i decided to try to make those two features, so i kind of didn’t really check everything as i usually do :slight_smile: , looking forward for your update anyway!


First off, thank you very much for this script as it’s proved useful. I just have a quick question. Is it possible for a certain group of people to still see everyone else (such as admins), on the minimap? It would help with public servers, especially to see if someone was messing around. If not, no worries.


Yep, we were just talking about that a few posts back.

This guy tried a go at it, athough…

So now the legend himself will try to make an updated version for this soon. :slight_smile:


Ah, my apologies. I should’ve read the comments first.


Lol it’s fine, sometimes its hard to keep up with some of these threads. :slight_smile:


I put this into our server tonight. We are using vRP and still getting blips. Its in the auto resource start right below vRP. We were still able to see the blips on everyone. My guess is there is a mod conflict some where. Would it be in vRP? I’m fairly new to developing. Where and what would I be looking for to make this work?


Do you have scripthook enabled on your server?


Yes we do. (I’m just adding this part because it says that I have to have at least 20 characters.)