[Release] Disable Player Blips & Overhead Names



What mods/plugins do you have installed on your client that could create the player blips? Also does the vRP version you mentioned add player blips?


Put this in and it still shows blips for me, had scripthook enabled, and was using the Lambda menu.


Do you have any other resources that create blips?


No i do not. Just the Lambda resource


lambda resource version or lambda as the client mod?


client side one…


Ok I know what’s causing the blips to display. It’s not caused by lambda menu. It’s caused by PLD (player location display). I’ll have to figure out how to get those blips to be gone later as I don’t have time right now.

As for the features requested above (min amount of online players and a admin/god whitelist system so special people can still see them) I’ve got that all working now. Will release that version (including instructions on how to set it up) soon.


Update v2.0

Info about the new features is available here.
If you need help configuring the new features, checkout the wiki page.



Keep up the good work


Update v2.1

This update adds an option to disable PLD created player blips.

Please read this before using it, it’s important info.



I have Dunko’s vRP system. I have commented out all the scripts in the blips folder thinking that might be over riding your script. No luck there.


can you add disable player names too, or can that not be done?


Thank you for updating the script to where certain people can see the blips. Now could I ask how you would go about doing that? (adding someone as a “God”)


uhh did you not see


From his post 3 or so replies up


If we’re being completely honest, I didn’t, as I only download v2.0 instead of v2.1


I. love. You :heart:️ Such an awesome release


The “God” permission was added in v2.0. Like I said here:

Though here’s the direct link if anyone’s wondering how to add permissions:


You mean the overhead player names? I’ll take a look at that later :wink:


Yep, sweet thank you for this!



For the “god” permission. Allow them to /toggleblips so that they can have it on and off. This will allow for them to quickly switch between the two. Just an idea :slight_smile: