[Release] Disable F3 Recording


Hey Everyone, after being MIA for quite some time from these forums I decided to release this simple little codefart I created to disable that extremely annoying F3 reccording function.

Just add this to an existing script or create a resource for it (if you really want to bother)

    while true do
        if IsRecording() then

Hope someone finds this useful.


Nice release!

Btw, what does “Citizen.InvokeNative(0x88BB3507ED41A240)” mean?


static void _STOP_RECORDING_AND_DISCARD_CLIP() { invoke<Void>(0x88BB3507ED41A240); } // 0x88BB3507ED41A240


Question: Why not use the actual native name: StopRecordingAndDiscardClip()


Also, another question, why does this need to be a server side script in the first place?
Just disabling it in whatever mod/resource that enables recording would be a much better option in the first place. Because this just disables all recording options even if people actually wanted to use it. :thinking: There’s nothing wrong with the script itself, just seems backwards to me to disable a game feature completely, when the button that enables it can simply be disabled in the first place. :confused:

Maybe this is just me though :man_shrugging:


Agreed. Most people cam just disable this in their Lambda menu since most people use Lambda. Easily can be edited in the Im-config.xml.


Is this a joke. You can LITERALLY change the keybinding in the lambda menu xml.


As said above, not everyone uses Lambda menu though.


The feature is PART of lambda menu…

No lambda menu. No recording.


Okay? Why bash this, its not like he is hurting you, just saying why bash it… not trying to start a war im just saying this is hurting nobody its a script, just move on if you dont want to use it…



So, if I haven’t got a cool sports car, but I do have a regular sedan. Does that mean I can’t drive on the freeway?

No lambda menu does not mean you can’t have a resource/mod that also allows recording. Whether that resource/mod uses F3 as well or something different is more likely what you want to compare it to.

Like others have commented, don’t trash talk resources just because you know another way. Instead provide feedback that could help improve the resource, rather than just saying you dislike it.

Was not my intention to start this beef. I also mentioned that this script is not “bad” or “wrong”.


You werent who i was talking about.


In that case, disregard what I just said :wink:


Yea you didnt bash him. i just didnt want to out people but anyway hope your guys day is good :stuck_out_tongue: