[Release] DinoWeather | Dynamic Weather For ALL AREAS of the Map! | Smooth Transitions!


The resource is working perfectly fine as it should be I encourage you to dig a little deeper and look at ALL the timers when attempting to break a resource.

Slow transition natives are broken at the moment, so there is a sort of instantaneous transition when changing zones. I hope that the future is brighter and that these natives can be used one day.


I don’t understand what you mean, I have been using this for about 10 minutes now and it is working flawlessly. It adds a dynamic feel to the city and loving it so far without issue. It feels like you just left the rain cloud when you transfer from rain to sunny.


What a unique simple script. I love it!!! Trying it out soon! Keep it up.


actually by the looks of it, it seems random, it will sometimes instantly change, sometimes blend in


nah, i think it was just the transitions being a bit floppy, sometimes they’d work normally, while other times they’d just change the weather instantly with no transition at all


Awesome release!


Nice release, does it sync time?


Also the slow transitions aren’t working


Awesome release bro! Uniqe and really cool!


maybe include time sync too in your ressource :slight_smile:


Yeah default transitions in GTA V vanilla are currently bugged, they are implemented but not working at this time sadly.


I love it!! its just amazing, keep up the good work!


I probably did something wrong. I see snow, but as i can see in the config, the snow should only appear in December, any idea what i did wrong?


How well does this run? Frame drops, etc? We have vMenu installed which allows us to change the weather. How would it interact with this script?

Cool concept btw. Nj.


The transition natives are, but not the “SetWeatherOverTime” one. You can use that with 45.0 and it’ll change in the next 45 seconds pretty smoothly.

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Thanks for the heads up regarding this.

I have gone ahead and pushed a commit adding this native.

Weather Transitions should be smooth no matter what now.

This resource is ONLY FOR WEATHER. Depending on how many users request time features to be added, I may add it.

I will be rolling out an update very soon that adds admin override commands so that administrators can set the weather for the region that they are in.




nice resource you made you did some good work on this

I have a question tho how will this interfere with vSync?

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writing words to make the forums happy

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would this work with vsync?

Edit: Nevermind