[Release][Dev] NativeUILua


old problem fixed… the new problem is that the menus are not updating automatically (if i change my money amount it doesn’t change in the menus)


The menu isn’t dynamic, so update it yourself


_menupool:RefreshIndex() doesn’t work inside menus how do I do it?


Can you create any documentation? Or create MenuExample with all functions? I’ll be really thankful…
I really need info about how to get value from panel and much more info…


disabling control actions works only on main menu… submenus are not affected


How can I access the menu? I’ve installed it to my server but can’t find nowhere the trigger button to open the menu lol…


There is no menu. It’s a resource to build menus. You can use the example menu to see how it works.


Yeah, I am confused like @Lane_Boy… How is everyone getting theirs to work if it is just a “resource to build menus” I am fine with editing the files to my liking… but the only problem I have is getting it to open in my server and allow me to use it.


I’m not sure what y’all aren’t getting about this. It is an API to build menus. There’s nothing to open, nothing to edit.

You can look at the menu example to see how it’s constructed: https://github.com/FrazzIe/NativeUILua/blob/master/MenuExample/MenuExample.lua

The original thread post has a list of all of the constructors.


How do I create a two or more CheckboxItems? If I add two, then I see both items in the menu. But only for one of them the “checked_” variable is set. The other one always remains false.


Has anyone created a working police menu with this?


Im no sure if im doing something wrong but all of the functions below keep giving me a error for both setting and getting data from it. (ActiveBar is nil)


Also, how would i change the grid scale from 0.0 to 1.0 into -1.0 to 1.0?


has anyone created a character menu with the heritage panel that they could share or help me out with mine?


Any idea why using


Only disables the cursor and not closing the menu when releasing right mouse button.


Any idea why when I am attempting to trigger something inside a menu inside of a submenu, the menu won’t open. @Frazzle

function ClothesMenu(menu)
    local submenu = _menuPool:AddSubMenu(menu, "Clothes Menu")
    local hatmenu = _menuPool:AddSubMenu(submenu, "Hats")

    for i = 1, 1 do
        local hat = hatmenu:AddItem(NativeUI.CreateItem("Toggle Hat", "Description"))
        hat.Activated = function(ParentMenu, SelectedItem)

        hatmenu:AddItem(NativeUI.CreateItem("Toggle 2nd Hat", "Description")) -- This doesn't trigger anything

    local equipall = NativeUI.CreateItem("Equip All", "Equip all items.")
    equipall.Activated = function(ParentMenu, SelectedItem)



How can i make my menus open in vehicles?


Failed to load script NativeUI.lua.

Starting only the MenuExample so it’s not a conflict… Yes, NativeUI folder is in my resources folder.


Hmm any one know if you can do a submenu inside of a submenu?

Like i want to create a animation submenu inside that, i want to split out the animation yet a submenu and then the menu items them self.

Not sure how to do this tho.


Is there a way to refresh the menu? like if i use an object from the use menu for example… i need to close the menu and reopen it to see the quantity lower


is it possible to add a sub menu to a list item? like i want to give 5 of the same item to a nearby player… i need to select 5 times this item and give it to him or can i use a list item and open a sub menu to select the player?