[Release][Dev] NativeUILua


old problem fixed… the new problem is that the menus are not updating automatically (if i change my money amount it doesn’t change in the menus)


The menu isn’t dynamic, so update it yourself


_menupool:RefreshIndex() doesn’t work inside menus how do I do it?


Can you create any documentation? Or create MenuExample with all functions? I’ll be really thankful…
I really need info about how to get value from panel and much more info…


disabling control actions works only on main menu… submenus are not affected


How can I access the menu? I’ve installed it to my server but can’t find nowhere the trigger button to open the menu lol…


There is no menu. It’s a resource to build menus. You can use the example menu to see how it works.


Yeah, I am confused like @Lane_Boy… How is everyone getting theirs to work if it is just a “resource to build menus” I am fine with editing the files to my liking… but the only problem I have is getting it to open in my server and allow me to use it.


I’m not sure what y’all aren’t getting about this. It is an API to build menus. There’s nothing to open, nothing to edit.

You can look at the menu example to see how it’s constructed: https://github.com/FrazzIe/NativeUILua/blob/master/MenuExample/MenuExample.lua

The original thread post has a list of all of the constructors.