[Release] [Demo] FreeCAD Computer Aided Dispatch System



Stop the drama. Any reply relating to drama from this point on will result in silencing or suspension.

If a product doesn’t work, say so. But don’t advertise your other release in here. Be critical, but respectful.


Thank you for your timely response! Have you ever thought about working in law enforcement jeez quicker than the cops around here xD but yes, in all honesty, it’s a work in progress all devs have broken stuff I mean it’s life of a bug (puns) other than that have a good day sir!


The CAD is free and has active developers. OpenCAD had multiple errors I could not fix such as missing function errors when the functions clearly exist.

Updates are still being pushed daily and this isn’t a finished product.


All works well :+1:


Thank you for the positive feedback :slight_smile: Appreciate it!


I can say for the team, they are quick to help. And are very helpful. I love the design. Simple and to the point.


Our FiveM Resource has been released!

It is still limited functionality, but it’s expanding.


I can’t use dispatch because i am not assign to dispatch


What is the issue then?


Hey jane dispatch is getting a huge rework at the moment and were fixing the demo in the next big release sorry for the trouble reach out to us via demo!


How do i do that


Idk click the demo link then click contact us like everyone before you…


any SQL Database integration coming soon? so we can link a player profile with arrests and etc under a steam ID?


Yes sir! We are in the works of the sort if you will Stay tuned!


Hey, can I host this on Bubble?? If so how, btw looks nice.

And if I can not host it on Bubble can I do it on my database in zap?


You need a host capable of running php websites + mysql database or a VPS/PC with PHP+mysql installed.

I doubt bubble offers these services


Thank you sir for your quick response


You would need a web host for it or use your vps I recommend web hosting personally we even have install guides on it and our recommended host is in the guide :slight_smile:
We’re planning to release an update right before Christmas although supporters do get it earlier so.


Ok thx, will se if I can get a web host. Dont have a VPS. And hosting on zap. And I dont whant to host on my main PC.


i Use Weebly I Have A Domain Not A Subdomain how do i upload the files to weebly