[Release] [Demo] FreeCAD Computer Aided Dispatch System



And as far as im aware im on the Dunks RP staff team to lol we are a partner with zaphosting and told some things are different but I’ll speak with dunk and see what we can do okay :slight_smile:


No worries, I just dont get what the mods big deal with the discord link is if post which is popular every day is allowed to have their link there for it. It doesn’t seem fair lol.

Anyway great release! design is beautiful too!


Oh thanks you’re making us all have a good time here I got we want to make this better than what we did at opencad now I’m out trying to cause unnecessary drama but we want to be there for you guys and hopefully bring out the role play and we’re trying to get people away from bubble cads because they are garbage


This is why. /theend


Hi @s11k :heart:


Hello :3


pretty dope so far, thanks man. how do you plan on doing the judge options in the future?


Still up in the air but more of warrant approvals
And standard judge stuff as the concepts but feel free to put some suggestions in our discord


Wish I had the now how on to set all this up lol either way it still looks amazing! Great job! :slight_smile:


Knowledge* and well my friend we have support staff if you have a general idea about web hosting it will be a breeze check out our git hub and again we have a demo no account needed :slight_smile:


What about this? [Release] Cops FiveM


I already said I am NOT a moderator nor am I apart of any of the FiveM team. d0p3t (an actual mod) wants everyone to stop talking about it on this thread. If you see a post with a discord link in the releases category flag it. Should have been left alone from when he said “/THEEND”


Hey I installed the system and literally the screen is blank? What am I doing wrong?


Contact us via Discord through the demo for further support


Does this use the same OpenCad database? Or do we need to make a new database for it?


New database my dude like I’m offended

OpenCAD is like your insecure af exgf
Were like that hot chick where your like why does she like me she’s hot


Sorry for asking……………………………….


I love you oniii-chan ;-;


Here is your Demo code:

Here is what you guys gave us from github:

The code is different… Then you guys deflect and send us something completely else. Then when we ask you a question on here trying to ask why it doesn’t work. You have us go to discord where you say it is our fault. You need to release the code from your site. Not a newly made version that is broke and pass it off as a working version when it is not. I recommend FiveM pull this post down until they give the community a working version. They are stating that it is my database when in reality if I purposely change the login info to the wrong information, the site gets an error besides a blank page. I can later upload a video showing this along with more proof that they are giving us something else instead of the actual code they promised the community. If you look in all the other posts on this thread. No one else is claiming to have gotten this system to work unless they are from the same people who are working with or created the CAD System.


Oh my well the demo bud is actually a version behind just because it’s the demo if I were to update it every little branch then that would be chaotic.

We provided support through our site via discord still complaint with fivem tos let’s see according to cloud flair we have had 132 people download our files yester even people for Saudi Arabia… I under stand your frustration and we attempted to assist you but you were insulting and everytime we offer a possible fix you kept saying our code was wrong we broke it… He’ll you didn’t even know how to pull commit history and you downloaded from the dev branch m8.