[Release] [Demo] FreeCAD Computer Aided Dispatch System



You should prob just google it.


You can use xampp.


Let me find it. Its on the forums.



It doesn’t state anywhere that it isn’t allowed. As long as it’s just a link to it it’s fine as per a lot of other posts have.


It falls under the Look at my discord chat and states it isnt allowed. It actually says “will not be tolerated”


Then why are there so many other posts that still have it?


How did we violate that? It didn’t say anywhere that you are required to be on the discord, or look at a chat or whatever. Just a discord for the Project. Many other posts have it. Not trying to start an argument, just asking


Idk. I am not a moderator. I was just showing you where it stated no look at my discord links in the releases category.

Its one of those things where you just dont worry about other peoples posts and just worry about your own. If they are allowing them to break the rule then so what.


Yeah but it’s still good information to have.


I dont think thats what it means. I believe when it says “Look at my discord chat,” means you advertising it in general in the releases.


Ah okay, thank you.


this has already been discussed with an element a while ago, and he confirmed that posting discord in any release isn’t allowed, the circumnstances don’t matter

also, small edit: other posts that have it have probably been overlooked by the moderators, if you flag them, im sure they will be happy to remove the links.

Discord link removed from releases

Thank you for clearing it up!


can this be uploaded directly to a vps and use the ip instead of having a website?


Yes it can i would advise you to use YouTube tutorials on hosting site via Linux or windows and then upload it


Will you be adding more LEO Divisions soon? Highway, Los Santos, Sheriff etc…?


That’s not a bad idea i would join the discord and make a suggestion have it to where you can add custom logos etc our goal is to do our own thing and not be exactly like bubble but i get what your saying


Posting their Discord is allowed I’m pretty sure. They aren’t saying to goto their discord to get the file or anything like that.

If you want to punish them for linking their discord then maybe you should enforce this on 99% of the other threads.

Example of a thread that should get punished too HERE


This is not a place for discussion topic rules

Icehax has provided everyone with an explanation in a post here. It also states that if you do see discord links anywhere else other than #server-development:server-bazaar to flag the topic. I’m more than happy to remove them


Yea for other users the HydridSystems team is in full compliance and resolved the issue at hand were your still able to reach out to us via demo so its just a few more click folk and we appreciate the love really <3 and thank you to moderation for being pretty damn chill