[Release] [Demo] FreeCAD Computer Aided Dispatch System



Hello there.

I’m Farmer I’m apart of the FreeCADteam today we are proud to announce the release of a public Computer Aided Dispatch System and Mobile Data Terminal. We at HydridSystems believe why to pay for a software that doesn’t work such as DCRS with the name lookup or database lookup. Also, not to mention ridiculous prices for software that is somewhat confusing to use. We are based on OpenSource we don’t like to hide what we do and believe everyone should have access and complete control over the product such as self-hosting unlike other such as DCRS or BubbleApps.

Here at FreeCAD team, we believe in providing the best stuff for you guys. ”

HISTORY: Project was started by former OpenCAD team members and grown today.
@s11k had a vision of rapid development and not being confirmed by regulations when we can give people what they want.

Releases: Currently we released an update which now has fivem integration!!!
more to come soon :slight_smile:



Admin Panel Update: https://1drv.ms/u/s!ArkapnEEc9l7xzZZvlgZzV92ALHo

Demo site: https://www.gta5cad.com (site does a lot of updating FYI)
(Note: create your own login its auto approved)

Install video:https://youtu.be/tLoiSzOWeoE

Project Staff:
@s11k -Owner
@gam3vidz - Project Manager/Community Manager
@ArthurMitchell - Head of Development
@termanator1128 - Developer
@Scott_UK- Developer
@INJDev- Community Engagement/Legendary Bug Tester

[WIP] Hydrid CAD/MDT (Being Rewritten)
Anyone have a Bubble CAD they'd be willing to give me?
Help with CAD/MDT
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Not allowed to link Discord?


oh is that a new rule ?


That is not true. Anyone is allowed to link a Discord as long as it is not just for the download.


Removed Discord link as this is not permitted.


Wow, this is f***ing amazing. Just installed it, so smooth. Great job!


No your amazing bby and were pushing a hot fix relized we over looked some stuff


Thanks for keeping us compliant ill work better to be aware of this thanks partner!


this open sourced?


I am not affiliated with the project but will you please show me where this rule is?


Yes sir! right on the github self host it try it out!


how do u host it?


Please follow our github guide…


Theres an install guide, do you have a website? Host?


no I dont have a website host 0 money


You might be able to use a free host, not sure how it will run, or if it will even run at all.


I have a dedicated server can I self host it?


Yes, you can