[Release] DeliveryJob [ESX]


This is a modification of “TruckerJob” so i do not take full credit for this!!!
This script was originally made by @Marcio_NL
This script is a delivery job for ESX, you can drive arround and do some deliveries.
This is a work on progress so i will change some stuff in the future like the outfit that the script uses for work


  • Essentialmode
  • Es_Extended

How to install:

  1. Put the folder into [ESX] folder;
  2. Add “start esx_deliveryjob” on your server.cfg;
  3. Add “esx_deliveryjob.sql” to your database.

How to use:

Just go to the blip on the map change your clothes in the yellow marker then choose a car that you want to drive. Easy as that!


You can easly change the salary in your database or even on the sql file itself before add him to the database.
You can also change the name of the grade, the default one is “Employee” if you want to change that just do the same thing that you do to change the salary.

esx_deliveryjob.rar (6.8 KB)

If you need help you have my discord here:


One more time, i do not take full credit for this.


As you do not fully own this version, please credit/mention the original author and link to the original project, considering you have permission to do so.



Ok I have done that :smiley:
Because we have a discord server (ESX discord) and we linked there all of this first. :smiley:



I cant see an sql file in the folder?


But the sql file is there xd
It says “esx_deliveryjob.sql”, or maybe you will find it as an note pad file so you just copy what is inside and paste into the database easy xd


Hello! I would like to help with ESX DeliveryJob resource. I am new to ESX overall. After putting it into resource folder and server.cfg, I’ve “started” sql order and when ingame, I can see only empty building (Walker transport or something). What I did wrong, please?


how can we change/edit the work clothes its sets when doin the job please?



you prob havent gone to jobcenter and set ur job title to that of the job u need for the markers to show up in game


Sorry for the late response, but you can change the clothes on the database itself, in job grades


Do you know if there is a way to make it so you do not loose the van at the last point? only reason i say this is because after you deliver the last one and it deletes the van you have no vehicle to get back to get more missions or to get a vehicle, thanks in advance


At line 370 in client it deletes the vehicle. You can remove it there but then you loose the option of deleting the vehicle altogether. Best bet is to look where the function is called then go from there


is there anyway i could add like a despawner for the vehicle back where you original get the work clothes on? therefore after they do their delivery and go to get more missions they can de-spawn the car? i also appreciate the reply


Isnt this job located at lester clothingfactory? If so i believe there already is a despawner.


Yes this job is at Lesters factory, will have to check when I’m in Server next thank you for the support!