[Release] CVPI Sound / Ford Explorer Client-Side Sound Modification


This is or has probably already been done for most of you. But I find a lack of it in these forms. I’m probably just not looking, I am blind, but this is for you guys.

CVPI/FORD Explorer Sound Modifications

I looked on the ‘net’ and found some GTA V Sound modifications. I liked what I saw. So I used them and put them in my game.

If most of you are smart which I believe all you angels are, you would have already done this, so you can ignore this post. BUT, if you are not a smart angle and need some guidance, well this is the wrong place. But I will include some instructions below.


  • The CVPI sounds great. It sounds mean and I am scared of it.
  • The Explorer, not so great. This guys sound mod is just like an Alpha state. It sounded very professional and great when I listened to the files individually, but when they went in the game, I wasn’t sure! So that is for you to find out.


This simplest thing ever

  • Take the provided file and go into OPENIV. Go to x64/audio/sfx
  • Drop the file named “STREAMED_VEHICLES_GRANULAR.rpf” into THAT folder.
  • It is ALREADY Encrypted.

** PLEASE MAKE A BACKUP. LITERALLY, COPY & PASTE THE “STREAMED_VEHICLES_GRANULAR” to your desktop! In case this doesn’t work for you or you don’t like the sounds, make the back-up. Because I said this, if you mess up, no help! ** Then you can easily replace it.

  • I didn’t make these.

Youtube video only will show the CVPI as I think that one is “cooler”. Is that even a word? It is now.

“Cooler” - KitKat150 ( I know my name is D. something on here, but I like KitKat and how they taste… leave me alone. )

Here is the video:

I’ll provide some support. No personal message. I don’t read them anyways.

I’ll also just say it so you know. You Can NOT stream audio (sound) files across a server… yet! Or probs never. If possible, I am sure that could induce workload on a server. Everything would be slower. But at the current and possible time, I am in (Mountain Time Zone, Yr. 2020, and the day is my birthday, it is not possible. I am an Alien) (I am pretty sure you can stream audio files. I don’t attempt it because the workload on the actually server will massively rise, loading times will be way longer. I just said it can’t cause I won’t. ) ( How would I even upload a file like that? I am not sure. Maybe my pet kangaroo will tell me. )

Love you guys! Merry Christmasssssss!

P.S. – I know that I have a Dodge Charger where a CVPI should be. This is a sound showcase. I was lazy to put a CVPI in.

LINK: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1B4zwof9ZInqxLT0yD7gIUqBwBwocsTs6


Stand By. The files didn’t upload. Give Me A Sec


waiting lol and a merry xmas


Haha Sorry. I am doing a google drive file. I have horrible upload times. But it will be done I promise!!!



( this is a complete sentence FiveM)


@D_Jacobs_1A-81 where did you get that charger? can you link me? :slight_smile:


The link don’t work. Can you try and put a new link in please?


Hmmm. It should have been fixed. Hold on

EDIT: It wasn’t in the drive at all. SO Im uploading it again and its only the CVPI sound.

Expect a link soon


How long do you think it is gonna take to get the link?



Right here


This is sweeeeeeeeeeet!


Link says to me: 404 Error maybe try to reupload? Just one question, maybe include a STREAMED_VEHICLES_GRANULAR.rpf in it, for those who don’t have experience with OpenIV like me i tried it alot of times, various sound mods just freezes FiveM and won’t work anymore lol

Anyway, wish you a good day
Best Regards, George Bolk :wink:


the link doesn’t work anymore


Unlisted until the download link has been fixed.