[Release]Custom Sandy Shores



I have decided to release my version of Sandy Shores. It was built off of the original mod Sandy Shores Enhancement. In this version, I have taken out a lot of the buildings and objects I found was not needed or just didn’t look good in my opinion. I add more trees on Joshua Rd and lights. I have moved some signs around as well as removed some lights to give it, not a city feel but more of a small town feeling. It is not the greatest but I feel I can release it without a lot of hate on it. I do plan to add more trees in the future to go all the way down Joshua into Harmony maybe. I am also including the Sheriff Station upgrade from the DUI checkpoint on Joshua Rd. None the less I hope you enjoy it.


Download Here

sandy.zip (24.7 KB)

Original Links

Sandy Shores Enhancement Original Link


Joshua DUI checkpoint & Sandy sheriff station upgrade


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Keep up!!


Looks nice but the trees are frame killers (esp on a full server and for ppl running potatoes). Thanks for sharing nonetheless!


Really nice, too bad I have to tear it apart LOL. I can’t use the Sheriff station upgrades because of my own custom one, but I’m definitely going to use this. Thanks for sharing.


the lastsandyst.ymap just delete it and then your good.


thank you sir


Nice work!!
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How to do the same as you? From another .xml file.


you mean like convert it to ymap after making changes or you mean edit an XML?


I mean: how to convert .xml to .ymap and make it work on fivem server.


This should help How to load mapeditor xmls into your server using ymaps


Looks great! i dont know what else to say.


Nice, but too many trees to my computer. (GTX970 + 3.8 GHz CPU) :slight_smile:


you should do same thing but without street lights that automactically come with them that be cool


Can you go inside like downstairs?