[Release] core_hideintrunk [STANDALONE]

Hey, i know that many of us wanted it for long time, so here is it.

UPDATE 0.2.3:

  • ability to force people in (implementation example in GitHub readme)
  • 60% chance of locking people in (when forced in)
  • Command /hideintrunk

UPDATE 0.2.2:

  • Range for vehicle check to 3.5 from 2.0
  • Help text with key when close to vehicle
  • Loop of help text inside
  • Additional checks if you are in vehicle, prevents exploiting
  • Enabled F2 (common used for inventory), control keys and V (camera control)

UPDATE 0.2.1:

  • Disabled most of controls to prevent exploiting. If keys are still working, check your scripts for using of DisabledControlActions.




  • sometimes not dettaching, you have to press combination few times
  • doesnt fit in every trunk, invisibility function is solution.-


  • ability to adjust offset
  • disable invisibility again
  • server side for 3D text
  • loop help notif
  • rotate ped 180°
  • more help texts
  • force people in
  • lock people in
  • mathrandom of getting away?
  • create scripted camera

sick . amazing be using this for sure

Why is ESX a dependency for this? Why couldn’t this just be a standalone?


It can be, with few easy edits.
Feel free to do it…

Its just about notif and streaming.

do you know how to add this to handcuff menu?

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can you post default buttons you use to get in and out of trunk :smiley:

This is probably the funniest shit I have seen in a while

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If youd do something like this, and done it NON-ESX that’d be great.

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you done a great job don’t let people get u down because u made it esx people are just to lazy to make it non esx so they complain at the creators u done great good job

I wouldn’t necessary call them lazy; people probably don’t how to change the resource or have the knowledge.

well they need to learn instead of being dicks towards creators because they dont know how to edit nor code thats what wrong with people they like to just drag and drop and not do custom work which is sad but true

If you are mentioning me, Thats really not the issue. Im just asking. I think its a great Script. Nothing against ESX. But he is the Script Creator, and I dont want to go into the files and edit all that stuff without like telling him something. :wink:

no it was @ someone else

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the script is good i cant wait to see how far he gets with it right now its definitely basic the starting keys are holding left alt and pressing Q to make it function just so you know

I agree Cravin

how to active this invisibility function? And do you know how to add this to handcuff menu?

I was about to praise you until I saw it was for ESX… make it a standalone script man! And you will get kudos

It takes nothing to make this a standalone.
Please write if you need help with it: P

Couldn’t find resource esx_hideintrunk-master. idk why i get this

As you wish, i made it standalone. Update when Github wakes up.

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