[Release] Cops FiveM



For this to work you need to delete the config.json file in your /resources/ghmattimysql/ folder. Then the server.cfg needs to be modified by adding set mysql_connection_string "mysql://mysqluser:password@localhost/database?dateStrings=true" before the start ghmattimysql line. As an example it can look like this:

Need help fixing a resource

is there an onduty/offduty script for this?


Not in the current version, however the upcoming update for Cops_FiveM contains the 2 chat commands (onduty/offduty)


How I can add more garage for Police?


Honestly, this is a must have for trainer menu based servers. It has worked flawlessly through the two months our community has been using it. Thank you for the awesome release


somone know how do i make when somone logged in x account then it will automatic spawn him on station and dont need him to go on duty?


so with ghmattimysql how do i whitelist and how do i give the role to a user, also how can i add loadout for cops in the amorey and cars to the garage??? can someone please help


I’m so confused on how to get this to work.
Is there a youtube video or something?


Can someone make a youtube video, on how to install this onto your server.
As there is two vairents on a mysql data base to use since Async is no longer used.

Can someone just make a youtube video for us server dumb dumbs.


Dose it work if i have esx and remove The esx_policejob


I cant get it do work :frowning:
Couldn’t start resource police.
now i got the cant start police away and i have
couldn’t load resource ghmattimysql
i tryd the
server_scripts {
but it didint work for me :frowning:


Sure it is a standalone resource, so it does not interact with essentialmode, esx or any other framework.


You need to setup ghmattimysql.
Change the mysql credentials in resources/ghmattimysql/config.json and add start ghmattimysql above start police in server.cfg.


hi everyone if you need help how to install, pm me out :slight_smile:


i pm u


Anyone else having an issue where the police blips for vehicles and weapons don’t have anything in them for you to choose when you open the menus?


Mine says couldnt find ghmattimysql help!


make sure in _resource.lua you have the same letters for the folder ghmattimysql


Same here, and i’m done with it. I don’t get any of these mods on this site. Feels like mods are sabotaged and poorly supported just to sell servers with them magically fixed…

Tried everything, followed the guides and even searched and searched the forums. Same error, same “You aren’t telling us any useful information” Well when it just says one thing…


Feels like mods are sabotaged and poorly supported just to sell servers with them magically fixed…

I disagree on that, the issue actually is simple, it seems you have problems with setting up ghmattimysql,
while this should be a easy task i will explain the steps just to be sure:

  1. Download ghmattimysql
  2. Extract the contents into your /resources/ folder and make sure the name of the folder is ghmattimysql.
  3. Browse to /resources/ghmattimysql/ and open the config.json edit your it with your database credentials.
  4. Open server.cfg and add start ghmattimysql above start police.
  5. Start your server.