[Release] Cops FiveM



i am getting an error any idea how to fix this?



Do you have ghmattimysql installed and started before police?


Can someone point me in the right direction please? I am looking to make my civs go straight into a cell, but not sure on how to do this? Please could some one help me out here? Thanks in advance. Please tag me with a reply if possible.

Thanks in advance.


you must have done something wrong with setting up ghmattimysql, else you wouldn’t get that error.


Looks like the links to the commands and such aren’t working.


Does anyone have file that invludes the required tables?



There is no .sql file because the script creates the tables for you when you start the resource.


When i start it nothing happens, the server is synced up to a database but it isn’t working


i need some insight

how would one fix this?


Download and use the correct version of ghmattimysql





i guess you need help with setting up ghmattimysql, try to contact the author of it.


i get a couldn’t load resource police error. i have no idea what to do about that

edit: found the issue but now i get the couldn’t load resource ghmattimysql error


sameee!!! please let me know if you get it figured out…


yes i figured it out.
in ghmattimysql
open the __resource and add

server_scripts {

in the file.

i read through the instructions and saw that it said to edit __resource.lua so it links to mysql so i did what the mysql instructions said which add that line of code to any __resource.lua that requires mysql lmao.

now my only issue is that any car i go in the tires spin sooo fast and such idk what is causing that issue XD


Thank you man!!!<3


Actually that is not how it works.

Only thing you needed to do is download the latest release of ghmattimysql, place it in your resources folder so it looks like resources/ghmattimysql, change the db credentials and after that add start ghmattimysql to server.cfg and you are done.

Adding this line would only cause issues

server_scripts {


worked for me.


now where in the ghmattimysql/readme file does it say to do that…?

mysql-async isn’t used anymore, not even by ghmattimysql.

You guys probably just pressed the Download or clone button which contains the source code for the resource instead of downloading the actual release from