[Release] Cops FiveM



Hey, do ya happen to know how to fix this? I’m a noob to all of this still.


As written in the readme file the resource requires ghmattimysql


Is there a way to change the PED that it loads when you clock in?


yes, there is
(20 chars)


im new to this, where is that


I need some assistance installing Cops Five M into my Five M server. I have tried installing it, and I get this error. How do I fix it?


I really need help.


I have this problem also. The blips for the police station are on the map but the script isn’t really working. Legit walking into that door does nothing and I’ve spent the whole week trying to fix this. #Bump #SOS


Yeah, If you know how to fix this issue. Please notify me.

my discord: WOLF


I can help fix this issues ill dm you


I can help message me


Message me I can help


When i join my server it says

Could not load resource police :frowning:


Getting same error, no matter what I do or how I re-name it. Won’t start resource


good at least its not just me


May i release just the clock in aspect of it? All it would be is the blue clock in circle at all pds with the 3 main departments. No menus, just the clock in.


That would be useless since there is a update on the way that allows you to enable / disable most parts of the script, so if you don’t want for example the garage, armory room or menu then you just disable it in the config files.


Hello I am really struggling with this I have tried to follow everything, and still cant get it to work for some reason. I have sent some screen shots below, can some one see what have I done wrong please? (Got it working fine in the past, then started another server).


Thank you, if you need anything else then please let me know. Thanks


mine says 6 passed 2 wanted


show us the ghmattimysql resource folder.