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hello all, I am new at making my own FiveM server. When I type /copadd ID in the chat I get this “Government: You don’t have the permission to execute this task.” Can anyone give me some pointers on what to do to fix this?

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you need to open you console and type CopAddAdmin 1 it will work then.


okay I just tried it but it’s still giving me that government permission error. I looked on the server log and it shows this error every time I type it in "MySQL-async.js:209563: Uncaught TypeError: cannot convert undefined or null to object.


join the discord and ask around. https://discord.gg/CecEKsz


im getting the same error


@Eric_Jones1, @nickolas_martinez a update has been pushed that would resolve this issue.


Hey, so everything works except f5 menu and there is no errors how would i go to fix this?


did you try restarting the resource or adding yourself to the system?


Yes i even tried reinstalling the script didnt fix it though


My cloakroom doesnt work


you might have changed your default keybindings. reset all to default and give it a try.


Screenshots / errors would be more useful instead of your message “My cloakroom doesnt work”.


I figured out the problem it was vMenu conflicting with it somehow.


how do you get your custom police cars to show up and to pick between when you walk into the circle for a vehicle??

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how would i edit the colour of the blips iam trying to change the clothing circle colour, and maybe the menu blue to red


Change the cars in resources/police/config/vehicles.lua


how do i make it so they can move while cuffed?


It’s works for vRP?
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You should change the requirements since this no longer uses mysql-async


-snip im big dummy-

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