[Release] Cops FiveM



is this a replace for the esx police job?


when I do any of the commands I get the message that sais you dont have the permission to execute this task. why im the host/maker


Hi, How do I change what the menu says when you goto the blip I cant seem to sus it out…


This is a standalone script (it does not require Essentialmode or ESX).


If this is the first time that you use the script then you need to use the commands in your server console or use IceCon to execute the commands.


When I choose the role at the clock in marker, it changes my entire character… being an RP server… that’s not what I want. Is there anyway to make it where it just changes the clothes and not the entire character?


okay ill try that. thanks man


Does anyone know how to make it change the uniform/clothing rather than changing the entire player model?


Are you able to use esx with this?


Cops FiveM is a standalone script, it does not require any other script unless mysql-async.
This means you can use esx however it will not have any interaction with the “framework”.


This may not be related to Cops Fivem script, but is there any way I can stop my character from signing in, using different ID’s? For example one minute I am number 1 then when I log back in I am number 3 or something…

Sorry im still learning all this myself.


This is indeed not related to this script, id’s are given by the server.


Ghosty, is there any way to “clock in” without changing the player model


I have the mod on, changing my ped works, the armory works but the f5 menu and the garage does not work, when i interact with it, its just blank, anyone know how to fix?


Where can i disable chat prefixes, the chat crashes with another roleplay chat


any chance of a non mysql version or even like alot of scripts do nowadays with a local mysql file instead of external setup


no , we only provide the script with mysql.


Does anyone know the fix to the parachute being broken?


Hello all, I am a noob and just started my server a few days ago. I’ve spent the last few days figuring things out and solving the bulk of my problems using this thread and google however I cannot seem to find a solution for 2 issues. First, after going on duty whenever I open up the F5 Cop menu the list is blank, the UI pops up but I have no options to use. The second issue I face is whenever I go to the Police Garage and open it up I get just the UI and no vehicles just like the F5 menu. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Define a department to your players account

/copdept 1 1