[Release] Cops FiveM



Follow the readme file to resolve your issue.


i cant seem to add myself as a officer or rank anything when i put the command in it says something
i dont have rights by the government but im admin


Same answer as above , follow the installation steps, and use the commands in your server console or RCON


How to add my friends as a cop?




Is server console the F8? noob here


i cant see the blue circle in pd to change your outfit


when i do to cloakroom it say one thing and i cant get into a cop out fit also when i go to set cop admin says i dont have perms when i did the cop thing in rcon


Does anyone have a tutorial for the police menu or at least the “MYSQL” thing?


How do I link this to my ESX?



You probably didn’t assign a department for your player.


The first time when you enter the game you will need to add yourself to the police database.
You can do this in your server console enter CopAddAdmin 1 , press enter and you should receive a confirmation message.


i just dont know how to set this in my database because /copadd id does not work for me


i wil get this message "[ERROR] [MySQL] An critical error happens on MySQL for query “SELECT rank FROM police WHERE identifier’”


Can someone make a turtioal video of, how to set up the Cops mod, and MySQL?


oke it is working for me but if i add someone as a admin or something they or in there dept they wont get there cloacking things


I have just installed this and even though its installed, if I do the /copadd followed by my username I get this:
You don’t have enough permission to execute this task.
Please can someone advise on this?


All good. Sorted it myself… Had to amend my SQL table as it wasnt setting my user as an admin. Set that and then I was allowed to use the CopAddAdmin 1 command :slight_smile:


Thanks Ghosty. The problem was that my user wasnt an admin :slight_smile: