[Release] Cops FiveM



hello ! it’s a great work i luv it ! but is it possible to add the possibility to check a car’s inventory


Do you have Essential mode 4 or 5?


its essentials 5 mate


@ifne : https://github.com/FiveM-Scripts/Cops_FiveM/blob/master/police/locales/en.lua

@MoravianLion : Does the script running ? Is it throwing any error into client/server console ?

@Sparky81: you need to modify a bit the script to make this feature available as it’s not a default supported feature

@Rayan_Ahmed : you need to modify a bit the script to make this feature available as it’s not a default supported feature


That’s the weirdest thing for me. No error in server console or client :confused:

I will try to cut all unnecessary resources today, it was working 2 months ago, it has to work now when everything else does!

Edit.: So, @Kyominii, I’ve tested server without any resources (left only very few which has been working fine before, like Mellotrainer, instance and such.

Another strange thing, I don’t see MySQL error in server console after start anymore. Like I used to before. Even when I am in game and stopping “police” resource manually in the server (+ after fresh start again - without this resource) and the icon of PD station is there by default.

I’ve even deleted everything from MySQL db which was there inserted by esx_policejob before (I used to have it together with your Cops plugin, just with altered circles to armory and stuff)

Means pretty much to me that Your resource isn’t work for my server anymore. I don’t get it. I use ES5 (installed few days ago) and es_extended. But I don’t believe that’s the problem here. Exact base I had before. And it was working…

Firewall has allowed everything needed, so does Avast.

Edit. 2): So, I’ve tried to run v1.4.1. Same thing - nothing :confused:


I think you should come on the discord server (the link is in the OP)


Thank you, but I’ve moved to esx policejob instead, with on/off duty script on top. Trying to fix Your police script is too time consuming for me and I was already forced to push the deadline for start of my server. Hopefully, there won’t be errors like this for anyone else!


i am having an issue that i cannot figure out. i am new to fivem, i have this installed and when i go into the cloak to go on duty there are no options to choose from… please help




I get a mysql syntax error

[ERROR] [MySQL] An error happens on MySQL for query “SELECT rank FROM police WHERE identifier = @identifier {@identifier=steam:110000108dbbe5f}”: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘FROM police WHERE identifier = ‘steam:110000108dbbe5f’’ at line 1


Hi Guys, Salut !

Do you think it is possible to modify a “neverwanted” srcipt so that only the police have this advantage?

Apres des multitudes de tentative (débutant en développement) je souhaiterai savoir si vous pensez qu’il soit possible s’ il vous plait a votre avis de modifier le “neverwanted” afin que cette avantage soit uniquement utiliser par la police et non les autres joueurs?

if(config.enableNeverWanted == true) then
SetPlayerWantedLevel(PlayerId(), 0, false)
SetPlayerWantedLevelNow(PlayerId(), false)


The check is done on the player id but I would like that the check is done on the job of the player to strengthen the living of the server

La fonction regarde l’ id du player mais en faite elle devrait regarder plutot si le metier est policier donc un player.job plutot qu’un player.id…


NVM Got it working



i cant clock in anywhere for some reason. there is no circle to do it.


What version of MySQL do you have?


I was using Mysql 8.0 but after i switched to version 5.7 it stopped giving me that error, Thx


Yup, that’s why I was asking lol… It don’t work with 8.x yet… They said they will release an update that will soon.


hey! your addon is great, but how do i make it so it dosent make you this blue overalls thumb when you clock out
i want it to set model to mp_m_freemode_01


Hello, in the download folder the file for the database is not available is this normal ?


There is no database file because the script creates the mysql tables for you.
All you need to do is make sure you have setup mysql-async.


there is only clockout in the police cloakroom