[Release] Cops FiveM



I can’t seem to clock in at the station. The blue ring isn’t there.



I’m sorry for this noobish question but is there a way to use this without the use of mysql if I don’t need to use the whitelisted cop function? I know about the Altered Cop Menu however that one is no longer being updated and has many bugs.


Having the same problem as @MLGPlasmaScope. F5 doesn’t work. In fact if I recall correctly it hasn’t since 1.4.2. However it seems to be a problem with FiveM and not this script.

I tried the below code and it doesn’t print anything to the console.

   while true do
       if (IsControlJustPressed(1, 166)) then

I also tried the other character switch keys as well, 167 and 168, still nothing. And I’m sure the above code is correct as it works fine with other keys.

I’m going to try updating my server and see if that helps. It’s pretty outdated since last time I tried to update it the latest build was unstable.

As a workaround for anyone else having this problem you can change the key in the config to something other than F5, F6 or F7 and it should work. List of control IDs if you need them.


f5 works for me however theres a msg that says resourse bla bla bla contact owner of server???

cants seem to spwan objects


Have to turned on MySQL in XAMPP?


I’m not sure if I understand what you’re asking, but I don’t use XAMPP. I have Oracle MySQL Community Edition installed on my Windows server.


XAMPP is a tool to start the database tool



that’s the message I am getting in the chatbox… How to fix? I am trying to use /copdept in game


You need to add yourself as a admin first with the RCON command.

CopAddAdmin 1

after doing that you can use the chat command.

/copdept 1 1


no it is not a tool to start the database tool, XAMPP is a completely free, easy to install Apache distribution containing MariaDB, PHP, and Perl


OK ,i have this to seem to be working pretty well, i’ve even edited the garage script to add more addon vehicles for choice. i have not read all the comments here but my question is, does this include script for doing traffic stops and if so how? or is it just use scripts added to client for that?


Hi, every time I try to change the rank in game, I get this error message in the chat box. Does anyone know why? The only rank I am allowed to use is the park ranger rank, otherwise it won’t let me change any other rank. I already am a superadmin in game. So how is this possible?


you need to add yourself as Admin for Cops FiveM as well.


how would one go about doing that?


In your console type the following
CopAddAdmin # (ingame number)
and you will get a message that you were added


yes, I already am a cop. I use RCON console. Do I need to use the ingame console? I use the RCON Console and added myself but it still doesn’t work


You need to set a department for your playerID

/copdept 1 1


ID Name
0 Park Rangers
1 Los Santos Police Department
2 Sheriff’s Department
3 State Highway Patrol
4 Prison Department


I have problem with F5 (doesn’t open anything) and console says my esx_menu_default is wrong. Could someone, who has this script fully working, provide their ESX_menu_default files pls?? :confused:


/coprank [ID] [DEPT] does not want to work for me. Everything else in game works besides this one, it gives me an error that says “You don’t have the permission to execute this task” although, I am a cop. I did CopAddAdmin in the RCON. Everything works besides the rank for some reason.