[Release] Cops FiveM

You have to go in changeroom (police station) and go on the blue marker

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there was no blue area for me in any station, :frowning: no errors )

No error on server nor in client ? (F8)

I was able too add myself as a cop but all commands says service needed, maybe it be a good idea for a test version also as blue area in police station incase they dont show up like for me

Did you check the police station near the bridge ? Also open the door ‘locker room’ or just tele the coord written in the file

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well but:

I don’t know if he really give up but no more essential-mode (3.0) link

Yes, so we’ll stay with the old version of essential-mode for the moment :wink:

Hi, the job i just created to add all ilegals item, do i need to take the job first ( pole emploi )or not ?
because i can not recolt anything anymore i have no error message

UPDATE :sorry i have error message :slight_smile:https://gyazo.com/5bedc681cee335b125d1f53da513f95e

Your illegal job has to be ID 6 in your DB (if you don’t change anything in Kyo script)

You can harvest even if you are Farmer, Pizzaguy, Policeman, etc…Don’t matter the job you have.

yes it’s what i thought so i don’t understand why i can’t recolt anymore and how to fix the error message ?

Just read again and again, step by step (Oh Baby ?) nothing is hard to understand if you check every step :slight_smile:

The script works very well, take your time, and read all of this to put this on your server.

the police script work very well no problem with that but i think there is conflict with something to get that error message and the result is no harvest anymore :slight_smile:

Here my VDK’s script and job system dump (from my server) available since yesterday :smiley: :

@Kyominii Yeah i saw that with the limitation and added it, but we still cant harvest, still doing some problem solving on that one.

Thanks for your help.

Anyone have a copy of the essential mode that is needed?

Genox : please give me your errors (client-F8/server)

batastrophe : I updated the link :wink:

RIP Google translate

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Genox : it’s exactly the same for me

Kyo: i already get your folders downloaded this morning :slight_smile:

Hello, I use this script everyday on my server but how to /forcegetOut a player of the cop vehicle?
And any news about the command for checking if the vehicle is stolen or buyed in vehicle store ?

He’s probably working on that.

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