[Release][Concept] FiveZ Game mode



Hi everyone,

This is my abandoned PvP-oriented survival game mode.
It contains WIP and shameful code, but have some nice game mechanics like:

  • Radiation zones
  • Bleeding
  • Inventory (Food, Bandages)
  • Server-based loot
  • Survival
  • HUD elements like bars etc.
  • Logo
  • Compass (@MsQuerade)

Provided ‘as is’, but should be fully playable, so you can run it - just edit server.cfg

Do whatever you want and good luck!


five-z-sources.zip (175.5 KB)



nice you did some good job m8 can’t wait to test this can you please add a video and some images


Added some videos.


Looking sexy :stuck_out_tongue:


@xander1998 :thinking:


No GitHub repo?


New updates are not planning.
If I will return to this - it will be created.


Hmm, so why does it say unfinished then? Lol just asking


Because it lacks of essential features like DB support and others.
It’s more like a proof-of-concept in its current state.




Lol I love how we are working on similar concepts but different features and both named the gamemode FiveZ XD. I got so many messages this morning.


If you add some save on DB, This is the best survival mod ever !


Interesting concept. I edited the code and put the thirst too, with loot of water. It would be interesting to be able to save users in a DB.