[Release] Colored Hud ( Weapons / Radio / blips )


all tuto are there for that


it uses couchdb my server host uses mysql so unsure how it really works


im new in couchdb to im using old version right now and all my release was made for essentialmode old one


well when i download it say it uses couchdb so no use as the server hoster i use is mysql so lost to get it working


btw even if you use couchdb or my.sql its a server side resource stream files it can be use in both of this


EssentialMode base
EssentialMode is a event driven gamemode, EssentialMode itself will not do anything of use. This can be used to easily create resources that have to communicate with eachother. This package also contains one addon called: “es_admin”, which adds admin commands to your server including permanent user bans. [Release] EssentialMode base

Freeroam v2
Freeroam V2 by Kanersps. Features: Companies, Hiests, Economy System. Admin System, Login System https://forum.fivereborn.com/topic/2611/release-freeroam-2-by-kanersps

i have these installed on my server


i know all that dude just figure that out we all start somewhere and in the freeroam you have the folder player/map.lua all blips are in there if all your stuff are correctly install


i just installed blips resources now have icons in french lol?


i dont know any blips resource im using a bunch of ressource and the freeroam i cant help you whit that sry


no that is cool will translate and change, thanks for you’re help mate


your welcome tell me if you have all 3 weapon/blip/radio whit color :wink:


this is what i have


ok so if one work other will to chk the radio and your weapon wheel now :slight_smile:


going in now will check mate


Thank you very much, works perfectly


glad to ear that :slight_smile: if you want to you can have the colored map just chk here ↓↓↓


Is there a way I can use this just as a normal player, where would I put it in my files, not for a server, but just as a personal mod for FiveM?


@Antoine or anyone have the default hud.ytd file? I just want to add a different taser icon to mine.


Do you know if there is a Colored Hud on client side?


Don’t work after FiveM update 28-02-2018