[RELEASE] CL415 and A319 Requested Aircrafts


This seems to be an issue with all water dropping aircraft. Personally i have no tested it but i can look into it. You have to understand that a boeing like that is a big vehicle and will not run very stable. Because of its filesize. You are right it spawns but does it crash people whenever you drop water near them or does it also crash them whenever they are at the other side of the map. Also i don’t believe there is a fix for this.


We can fly it around and no problems. Just when we drop water does it crash people. I also have several other aircraft already converted. I have Air Force One, Air Force 2, Whitehawk, a Boeing 737. A couple other smaller aircraft. If you want a copy of them just let me know. I already had the CL415 converted before you posted it here. Was having the same issues with the water. I was thinking yours had a fix to that. But yeah if you want anything that I have converted let me know and I will send them to you. I wasn’t going to upload them onto here because too many people get butthurt if you simply convert something so anyone can use it. Also have a Fast and Furious car pack. Again if you want it let me know.


can you send me a 737 or if you can convert a 757 that would be great


I converted this aircraft, if you try this one it should work. I tested it on mine and no one crashed when the water dropped.


Are you going to make these .ZIP files?


Thank you. I just downloaded it. Anything of mine that you want its yours. Thank you.


Uploading the zip as we speak.


Do you have any trains?


I do not. However you have sparked my interest. I love trains as much as aircraft. I’m just not sure how to even make it possible in FiveM. I know there was a script out there at one point of time that allows you to drive the trains. Idk if its still out there or not. Give me a bit and I will see what I can’t do. I’m not the best at this but I will at least try. Its something I haven’t done before so it has my interest right now.


The script that allows you to spawn trains is still available for download. I know how to replace the train. My problem is that all the trains out there pixels are just too high. It just keeps crashing my game So currently I’m just hoping someone out there has converted some trains to FiveM.


OK. I need to learn how to do this anyways. So I will take this on as a project to see what I can’t learn.


Best of luck hope you’re able to succeed!!


It says i need to upgrade to express, could you use google drive?


“vehiclelayout.meta” is supposed to be “vehiclelayouts.meta” for the CL415.

And you should pack it into a .zip file, because it is really annoying to download one file at a time.


would be perfect for my server but I couldn’t get it to work