(Release) Christmas Livery For 2018 Dodge Charger



This is worse than the halo skin for the ford explorer that was released a few months ago lmao

like if u agree kek


This was not made to be serious Slow one i clearly made it as a joke… use your brain “Christmas Patrol”


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You take joke to serious Joke as in its for fun to be a funny skin thats why there is a luagh emojy on the top


Can everyone just stop hating on this guy. It’s a funny skin. Good on you Purge_Sways, for doing something no one else did :slight_smile: I hope you don’t stop making things just because a few people don’t get jokes/made for fun stuff. But nice job :slight_smile:


Exactly i can’t believe these people are fighting about someone making a christmas skin for a vehicle. Just stop hating everyone.


Thank you like i made it to be a nice and funny skin that people can use thanks for the positivity


i think its dope, good troll item for server owners, anyone who hates abviouslt takes rp too seriously and shouldnt own a server.


Thx Bro i dont know why people keep hatting