[Release] CFX Object Loader



Resources to allow user to spawn map objects.





To use, start the object-loader resource, an object resource (like stunt-chiliad) and optionally the object-teleports resource.


  • (2017/04/30) - Fix object not spawning in “Spooner” maps
  • (2017/04/29) - Allow dynamic vehicles

Cfx object loader not working
How do i stream .xml Files [Help]

How to increased the object spawn limit ? The limit it’s 400 objects !


Do you have a tutorial? You explain in English, and nobody understands right, and with another map that is just ordinary objects and not stunts and etc.


How do you create a tutorial on how to put the maps? Nor the one he left to download, I can do the trick!


@TheGrimmChester it works good now for some peds and some cars as long as they
are not from certain dlcs above 505.2 cuz fiveM is missing those so you can add those as addon resource if you know how 2 and most important tho the cars etc seem to keep respawning over and over on top of each other making them blow up over time anyway to make it load one time only ?


Do you have a map that I can test because I haven’t seen any respawn on my side. The respawn might be due to the range (400x400) and the script do not delete them when you exceed that range but recreate them when you enter in.

I don’t know how to add addon resource.


I want to remove the objects limit.

I’ve tried a lot to try to get around.
I noticed that FiveM does not load all GTA V objects.
This is all objects: https://pastebin.com/Qj6ehTkq18

And the object limit It seems to be on FiveM Client Side our is in this script?? hum.

I loaded this on my server:
A lot of objects is missing in the house.

And this is the original house: https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/sahdy-shores-modern-mansion34

Is possible to fix that?


Problem is client side sorry :frowning:


the problem is the missing props etc from later builds of gta thats why they’re missing you need to stream those from the server also but i tried the police station spawn and the cars were just going ham


you can tell me how i get that missing props?? to put on my server.


@TheGrimmChester i used this one https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/los-santos-police-departement

@Ricardo_Marques you need to import the missing dlcs into FIVEM pretty much which is lots and lots of work


Can you try this update https://github.com/TheGrimmChester/cfx-object-loader/commit/4814ac74871b712f9f9837d88a6fa706409c5e42 because I can’t get it to work on my server.


will definitely test it, is there a prop limit ?


I will test it.

Ty for the update.


No object limit in the script, the limit is client side.


is there a way to add custom props ? i know i can stream them but how would i add the object list itself for the addon props ??


how can i adapt a map to work with this mod? what a xml need to have to work?

i have a map here, the metadata is ok, but it not work


you need to remove some stuff from the XML to make it work i just got border wall to work barely


Is it possible to load vehicles without clonning ? , every connected person dublicate car when connecting (


it does not work on FXserver. :sob: