[Release] Captain14's ELS Style Car Packs



I have converted all 3 of Captain14’s ELS Style car packs to FiveM resources. I kept them as separate resources because combining them seem to have caused issues with vehicle lighting.

How to install:

  1. Download the file below.
  2. Add all 3 folders to your resources.
  3. Add all 3 folder names to your AutoStartResources in your citmp-server.yml.

NOTE: All these vehicles are NON-ELS! They use default GTAV lighting with a modified carcols for “ELS style” lighting. Also, due to limitations with streaming vehicles.meta for replacement vehicles, the Impala originally designated for the Police slot had to be moved to Police8 due to handling issues.

DOWNLOAD HERE: https://goo.gl/k1aUuW

ALL credit to Captain14 for the vehicles and data files. Here are the original downloads:



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This is awesome I have been looking for this and I finally found it THX!


TY :smiley: Work Perfectly. Nice Pack & TY to Captain14 :slight_smile:


ayyyy nice to see another great pack :wink:


I was not aware we can put data folder on the server side, good to know


Hi, can you explain where can i drop this file

i put templates + LSPD PACK in resources\assets\stream ? O.o


You downloaded the wrong file. That is the original download, which would need to be converted.


god… my bad lol thanks :smiley:


Can you convert only the 2 explorers and the tarus and k9 Tahoe. Cuz I have other cars and the lights get messed up if I have both this and my custom cars.


Shoot me a PM with more info about what it is you are trying to do and I’ll see if I can help.


Thank you for your contribution! This will definitely help the newer people who are unsure how to properly install this on their server! :smile:


Great job! Do you have a tutorial? I would like to do it for the BMW Bike le SWAT BearCat and SWAT Brickade.


I don’t have a tutorial right now, but may be able to do one later in the week.


I can’t use these car packs on my fivem server as they are ovi file types another thing i don’t have a server sided ELS for the lights.


It is not els it is the lighting patterns and just unzip the pic file


You downloaded the wrong file. Plus as clearly stated in the OP, these vehicles have ELS style lighting, not ELS itself.


Thank you for posting. I’ll see how these work with ELS FiveM


Wait why is the police slot empty I went into the folder and checked to see if it was in there but there isn’t a replacement for police.


It’s explained in the original post.


Ok ok I see ill just tell everyone to not use the police slot vehicle thanks for the quick reply I should have seen that in the post.