[Release] Calm AI


Ah I thought this prevented AI from running you over during a stop say on the interstate. I really wanted the traffic to stay the same as everyoneignore but allow the animals to attack and be scared.


The script will stop them from being scared but if you aim the gun at the AI driver they will be scared. So its kinda like real life in a way


Very nice script… Thank you.

I wish there was a script that could stop traffic like a 100 ft radius. Would be great when your out on accidents or any other scenario when traffic needs stopped.


Yeah the script doesn’t work for AI far away sometimes. But me and @Katniss are working on it


Cool, glad to hear and thank you.


using this script is a must for me… the only problem is that when a player tries to steal a car (that is always locked when an NPC is inside it) he only needs to kick the car, make the NPC get mad and exit the car, and then steal it… is it possible to make the AI calm in that situation too?


Ha! Great work on this resource and thanks for sharing it with the rest of us. For sure one of those must have’s for any server. Now all FiveM server hosts need is a script for changing the stop light timers! No more waiting an hour at red lights.


Does this script also make the ai pull over when, say your code 3?


No, it’s just too keep the AI from panicking when you shoot a gun or hit something


so I’ve used this before but when we changed to vRP the script stopped working I took it out then put it back in but still nothing any ideas?


You might have some other files in your vRP pack that overwrites it, too see if it loaded you can look on the console and it will say “CalmAI Loaded. AI is now Relaxed!”


Alright thankyou I will look at that today.


Would it be possible to make the AI not freak out when you point a gun at them? Using the handheld radar script and does not really work since they just stop and get out and run.


Yes you can edit how peds respond to different events. Use ctrl + f and search for what you want to alter. For changing how a ped reacts when a gun is aimed at them go into ‘events.meta’ and search for ‘RESPONSE_TASK_GUN_AIMED_AT’ it’s located on line ~1700.

Once you locate that event there is a line that says:
’ <EventResponseDecisionFlags>ValidOnFoot ValidInCar ValidOnBicycle</EventResponseDecisionFlags>’

Delete ‘ValidInCar’, they will just sit in traffic as normal if you point a gun at them.


Would it be possible to toggle this funktion?


This didn’t change anything, most recent build.


thanks man is so preety good


You have either installed or configured it incorrectly, or simply not tested it properly. It is a working script as displayed by the amount of positive feedback. Take another look at your installation before claiming it ‘doesn’t change anything’.


Well as there’s no readme and no installation instructions I assumed it was installed as a normal resource, and as such, set it up as one.
I’m not an idiot, it loads properly, but it’s not changing anything, the AI still flips out when shots are fired.

They still try to fight when in a car accident as well.

My installation is fine, don’t assume you know better than everyone else.


Well ur shooting a shotgun it’s not gonna be calmer if ur shooting a firearm