[Release][C#] Vstancer



Ok, but in this case, is it possible to release two versions? one with lowering settings and one without? Because nobody uses lowriders on Drift servers, and we also can blacklist them if there is really a problem :wink:


@SLuG i don’t see why it should work that way
@BaluZ point is it isn’t related to this script, but to the implementation of the extra native itself. I don’t know if fivem devs would like to add a feature that could cause problems, or at least until a better solution is found so it works fine even with the hydraulics installed. From the point on my script if the extra native was available I could have already added it with all the checks to avoid it being used at the same time with hydraulics.


it would be dope if you could just type in a chat command to pull up the menu, on fivem theres only so many hotkeys can be used and you run out of keys really fast.