[Release][C#] Vstancer



Is your game vanilla?
You have to be sure you have a default version of this Grand Theft Auto V\update\update.rpf\x64\textures\script_txds.rpf\commonmenu.ytd

Does it happens on a lot of servers? It’s probably related to your client, be sure to have a default version of the file i wrote above.
Does it only happen in your server? Are you using a custom gta5.meta + images.meta? Be sure your images.meta is loading the script_txds.rpf like this:

	<locked value="true"/>

If it still happens be sure you are not streaming any custom and possibly broken version of such commonmenu.ytd, by default the script will load it from your client files.

@Handlessragdoll Sorry i tagged the wrong person before.
All you have to do is to drag the vstancer folder from the release zip and drop it in the resources folder of your server. Then just add start vstancer in your .cfg file.

@Setro you are so obsessed to prove me wrong. If you know are so sure about the solution you could just have helped him instead of being so arrogant


I added it in but when I press F6 nothing happens, lol I feel so stupid but I’m new to this so I knew I would mess something up


i have tooken out LS for the tracks


@Dennis_Martinez so you are probably using a custom gta5.meta and images.meta did you check the file i wrote above?

@Handlessragdoll do you see the resource starting in the server console?
Can you upload a log ?


I got it to work thank you so much for your help!


what was the problem?


So I’m really stupid and I was downloading the Source code.zip instead of the vstancer.zip becasue I thought the first one was for singer player. I honesty feel so stupid lmao


Hello, thanks you for this resource, but i have a problem. I can’t change the F6 to open, each other button i try don’t work… menu just don’t spawn. I already have EasyAdmin menu on F6, and i can’t change activation for thisone. Thanks.


That’s strange, cause it should trigger the menu to toggle even if the control is disabled, it doesn’t work with any other key?
By default, if the config.ini value is wrong or cant be read, the script will use F6 again.
Post your config.ini and be sure to get the control from here http://docs.fivem.net/game-references/controls/


I’m sorry, i feel totaly dumb since the vstancer menu wont open if im not in a car, sorry for useless comment :confused:


Have the FiveM devs added the Extra Natives yet so we can lift/lower the front and rear suspensions yet?

I Googled “fivem extra natives” and this popped up? https://github.com/citizenfx/fivem/tree/master/code/components/extra-natives-five

Not sure if thats what you’re talking about since idk jack about anything involving codes.


That’s where the code will be, but such feature hasn’t been added yet and it’s known to cause some problems with hydraulics. You can change the fSuspensionRaise value using the Handling Editor tho.


Oh great i’ll check it out. Does the Handling Editor have an option to increase the size of the wheels like the original vstancer? Thats my favorite feature without a doubt.


No it doesn’t. If such feature was possible it would have been available here.


Will the feature be added in the future? Its the last feature missing to pretty much have all of vstancer on fivem.


When you say “problem with hydraulics” do you actually mean just the hydraulics on the lowriders…? That’s the reason we can’t have the full vstancer? Sorry i just don’t know anything, i wish lol.
I might see how i can put those new vehicle native codes and stuff into my files and work with the original vstancer mod and see if it works. :man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2:


Would you ever think about moving this menu to a /stance command to free up the hotkey?


do you find the missing natives? you tried it?


@SLuG what does that mean?
@BaluZ it’s not something that has to be found but implemented. They are named extra natives for a reason, they aren’t natives but functions made by cfx which can be used just like if they were natives.

And it’s already known how do it, but bugs the hydraulics.


I mean like having the ability to type /stance in chat and the menu will display. Instead of pressing a hot key to open the menu.